New fire station becomes a bone of contention

New fire station becomes a bone of contention

The planned construction of a new fire station at "trimberger weg in elfershausen is increasingly becoming a bone of contention and is not getting off the ground. Although a specially founded working group has been working on the project for over a year, and the community council has consulted and obtained several planning proposals, no decision was made at the most recent meeting of the market town council.

The basic concept, a two-story building on the eastern edge of the "trimberger weg" development area, seemed too expensive for the council. They did not want to "create a luxury design", hefted it. Planner alexander albert went back to work and presented a slimmed down version for a single-story building. Also here the council saw "still air in the financial area" or else criticized details. In the meantime, albert has arrived at the next proposal, an optimized model floor plan, which reduces costs, but which the council still did not like.

City youth band presents itself in the elementary schools

In the coming school year, the stadtjugendkapelle (SJK) herzogenaurach will once again be offering the opportunity to take part in wind classes. To this end, concerts were held on monday at the elementary schools in herzogenaurach. In addition, the little ones showed what playing together in an orchestra looks like at the open rehearsal of the junior band on wednesday, according to a press report of the city youth band.

At the concerts, the schoolchildren were able to experience how different instruments sound and, above all, how they sound together. The blower classes are offered in cooperation with the schools. Children and parents benefit from the fact that the individual or. Group lessons take place directly in the schools. The project gives the children the opportunity to learn an instrument of the "symphonic wind orchestra" under expert guidance to learn and play in an orchestra yourself. For this, various woodwind instruments such as transverse flute, clarinet, saxophone and brass instruments such as horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium and tuba are presented, from which the children can choose their favorite instrument.

Discovering new things together

Discovering new things together

Padagogue johanna meier begins her service today 1. Marz and will perform her duties for the parishes of weisendorf and rezelsdorf, as well as for kairlindach. The pastor of weisendorf, wilfried lechner-schmidt, was able to welcome to the service, alongside the deanery's school officer, pastor dr. Jurgen belz, and numerous believers also family members of the pedagogue as well as a five-headed refugee family from iraq buried. "Today is a special day for our church community", said the pastor of weisendorf at his funeral. With the words: "we come to god as we are and do not have to hide our dark sides from god and admit our faults", the pastor opened the service. So jesus receive all the people of this world into his kingdom and that they may live together in peace.
Johanna meier was also accepted into the church congregation, fulfilling a dream of hers. After her training, the padagogue always dreamed of getting a job in a church congregation and contributing her ideas as well as trying out new things. The school speaker quoted from the illustrated children's book "komm, wir finden einen schatz" ("come, let's find a treasure") (the story of janosch, in which the little bar and the little tiger search the happiness of the earth). As janosch describes in his book, there are many new treasures to be discovered. In his illustrations, janosch also shows the curiosity that is the beginning of everything. "This also applies to them, because there is a lot to discover and they want to do that, too, and it fits in with their future task", jurgen belz turned to johanne meier.
The 26-year-old community pedagogue then introduced herself to the church community in person. "I find it exciting to travel with children and young people. I am not only enthusiastic about leisure trips, but also about intellectual journeys and playful philosophizing about questions of life and faith", explained meier. She brings energy, joie de vivre, creativity and many ideas with her to weisendorf. Despite many new ideas and new ways, however, the previous ones should also be appreciated and respected. "It is very important to me to connect the generations, because every human being can be valuable for others in every situation", explained johanna meier. And about herself she says: "I am spontaneous and flexible and I am happy to discover new things together with the believers and especially with the children and young people and to continue what I have started.
With the reading from luke 9 johanna meier also proved her ability to perform. The festive service was framed by the protestant trombone choir under the direction of dieter schmerler and the readings were given by two confirmands. Johanna meier studied religious education and church education work and then worked in munich as a religious education teacher. In two munich parishes, she led groups and various projects, especially in confirmation work, children's bible days, nativity plays and family camps. After the service, the faithful had the opportunity to get to know the community educator better at a reception.

Robert neubner: a man who was inspiring

Robert neubner: a man who was inspiring

Robert neubner from mainbernheim stood for 37 years at the head of the district association of associations for landscape conservation, fruit and horticulture. In december, he handed over his office to younger hands (we reported).

On sunday, in his hometown of mainbernheim, his successor franz lindenthal awarded him the title of "honorary district chairman. Numerous guests of honor, including the deputy district administrator robert finster, the district manager of the fruit and horticultural associations of lower franconia, christine bender, the district technical advisor mechthild engert, and the honorary district chairman alfred buskens, attended the afternoon of honor at the parish hall. Almost all the local groups of the district had sent delegations.

“A man of decency and character”

The stadtsteinach school is now called "friedrich baur school. The school was officially "christened" yesterday in a two-hour ceremony. As mayor and school association chairman roland wolfrum explained, an individual name creates identity, and in addition, the schools could "take a leaf out of the book".

Friedrich baur was born in stadtsteinach in 1890 and, according to contemporary witnesses, was a regular visitor to the town, reported wolfrum, who described baur as a "man of decency and integrity" described. The suggestion for a name came from wolfgang hoderlein in 2016, wolfrum looked back. He also specifically brought up friedrich baur, not only because he was born in stadtsteinach, but also because he can be a role model for middle school students that you can achieve something great even without high school diplomas and studies.

Weibenoher are annoyed: shooting is not only on new year’s eve

Weibenoher are annoyed: shooting is not only on new year's eve

Even before new year’s eve, there were public discussions about whether the ignition of fireworks should be limited in time and whether firecrackers should be banned – out of consideration for animals and because of the fine dust that causes fog. The administration in grafenberg also received complaints. It was probably annoying for many people that long before midnight rockets were shot into the sky and bollards exploded with a loud crash. "So it is reported of fireworks from 16 o’clock on new year’s eve to 8 o’clock on new year’s morning. The associated noise pollution is unacceptable", second mayor raimund schwarz (WGA) summarized the complaints. He had to replace mayor rudolf braun (WGA/) at short notice, who unexpectedly had to go to hospital. Regarding the new year’s eve complaints there is a legal regulation in the ordinance to the explosives act. This stipulates that the so-called "new year’s eve" fireworks are not allowed in the period from january 2 to january 30. January to 30. December may only be burned with the permission of the municipality. An exception has been made for new year’s eve and new year’s day. On these days fireworks were allowed to be set off even without permission from adults.

Municipality can impose restrictions

However, the municipality can limit the time of firing of these rockets. The administration proposed restricting the burning of pyrotechnic objects on new year’s eve and new year’s day. As a result, shooting was allowed only on new year’s eve from 7 p.M. Until 3 a.M. On new year’s day. This then set off a lively discussion. What is still to be restricted? Others in the committee pointed out that it is not possible to control who does not comply with this time limit. And another question came up: what would happen to the fireworks that are rounded off during the year?? Should this then also be forbidden? The municipal council therefore decided to rely on the voluntary efforts of the citizens to light the rockets, bollers, light volcanoes and the like only on new year’s eve from 7 p.M. Until new year’s day at 3 a.M.

Father of winnenden rampage receives lighter sentence

Father of Winnenden rampage receives lighter sentence

The father of tim K. Share the blame for the bloodbath with 16 deaths four years ago. This is what the stuttgart regional court found after reexamining the case. The judges in stuttgart sentenced the 54-year-old entrepreneur on friday to 18 months imprisonment on probation, among other things for involuntary manslaughter. He had kept the pistol in an unlocked closet, with which his son had shot him on 11. Marz 2009 in winnenden and wendlingen had shot and killed 15 people and himself. Most of the victims of the rampage were students and teachers of the albertville secondary school in winnenden.

"It is the chamber’s conviction that the rampage would not have occurred if they had properly stored weapons and ammunition. Point. Off," said presiding judge ulrich polachowski. The defendant had simply "handled the gun law requirements sloppily," he emphasized.

Children build insect hotels

children build insect hotels

The attention of those responsible for the riedenberg school garden group is not only focused on planting a garden and growing radishes, carrots and tomatoes. Learning is also about all the little creatures, among them many useful insects. Eleven schoolchildren of the 4. Classes of the riedenberg elementary school meet every monday from 15 to 16 during the vegetation period.30 o'clock. They do it voluntarily and obviously have a lot of fun doing it.

For years, werner vieres was the school garden supervisor who guided the children and drove them to the gardening site. He, too, has always been enthusiastic about his work, but now he wants to stop. But the school garden group will not be abandoned because of it. Joachim hartling, chairman of the riedenberg gardening association, and stefan schmitt, for many years principal of the riedenberg school, join the successor to vieres.
Shortly before things can really get started in the garden – after all, there was an endless frost on the ground – the caretakers and children met to build insect hotels. "I got suggestions from the national association. They also have a special information sheet for children on building insect hotels and their inhabitants. I will pass this on to the children's class teacher for follow-up support. They were prepared by stefan schmitt and me", says joachim hartling.