New fire station becomes a bone of contention

New fire station becomes a bone of contention

The planned construction of a new fire station at "trimberger weg in elfershausen is increasingly becoming a bone of contention and is not getting off the ground. Although a specially founded working group has been working on the project for over a year, and the community council has consulted and obtained several planning proposals, no decision was made at the most recent meeting of the market town council.

The basic concept, a two-story building on the eastern edge of the "trimberger weg" development area, seemed too expensive for the council. They did not want to "create a luxury design", hefted it. Planner alexander albert went back to work and presented a slimmed down version for a single-story building. Also here the council saw "still air in the financial area" or else criticized details. In the meantime, albert has arrived at the next proposal, an optimized model floor plan, which reduces costs, but which the council still did not like.

Ignorance about the demand, the relocation of the kitchen wing or the question of vice-mayor jurgen englert (SPD-G) about the disadvantages of the one-storey versus the two-storey building gradually put an end to the actually planned decision. Mayor karlheinz kickuth (SPD) considered possible cost savings as his "primary task".

Knitted with a fine needle

Albert made it clear that massive cost savings can ultimately only be achieved through a massive reduction in the area. Rainer kuhn (SPD-G) warned against too many shortcuts. "If we only save money everywhere, it could be that the municipality has a new fire station but no more volunteer fire department", it expressed its fear. The ground-level variant is, in the words of the planner, "knitted with a fine needle anyway".

Draft rejected

Volker partsch (new list) raised the question of why other fire stations, for example in himmelstadt, are much cheaper than the cost planning presented in elfershausen. The architect pointed out sums that could be saved by omission. Moreover, a comparison is not always possible. Kickuth himself therefore proposed to visit one or two newly built gerate houses. A date will be set for this. The council rejected the current design planning by a majority.

After consultation with the district office, the market wants to purchase an emergency generator for self-sufficient supply in case of disaster. Englert also reported on a conversation with the district fire commissioner. Possibly several weirs can be involved in the purchase and thus the price can be lowered. The committee unanimously agreed with the recommendation of alfons hausmann (CSU) to wait with the procurement until an appropriate building infrastructure has been established. The council wants to proceed similarly with the purchase of a set for technical assistance (THL). Here, too, the council postponed the decision until it had spoken to the district fire chief.

Cost subsidy for associations

Chamberman andreas mutzel presented the regulation for the future subsidy of the associations and the participation in expenses of kindergarten and churches, which passed without objections. The application of the FC elfershausen for a cost subsidy for a CO2 warning system for the cold room in the sports hall and in the schwedenberghalle and the application for participation in the repair of the toilet facilities in the sports hall and the hall were approved by the majority of the committee.

The council proceeded in the same way with the grant application from SV langendorf for repairs to the floodlight system. The system keeps failing due to insufficient insulation resistance. The catholic church foundation of langendorf can count on 1800 euro for the cleaning of the church last year. The church foundation machtilshausen will receive a contribution of 4390 euros for electricity costs from 2015 to 2017.

Vacation care is ready

Vacation care for school children is in the bag, a contract with the AWO is about to be signed. Parents will receive an information sheet, the registration through the AWO will run until the end of june. The care should also be possible for the children of the elementary school fuchsstadt. However, at least ten children are required. A fixed amount is set by the workers’ welfare association, the market wants to participate with 100 euros per week and child, the council decided. The package is still being discussed with fuchsstadt.

Green light was given for the new construction of a hall and a residential building with a garage in florianstrabe on "trimberger weg". The necessary exemptions were granted by the market town council. There are also no obstacles to the construction of a residential building with garage and carport in julius-echter-strabe and the demolition of a small adjacent building in domstrabe.

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