The forchheim reichskristallnacht in court

Eleven years after the events of 9. And 10. On november 1938, 19 men had to stand trial before the bamberg district court. The process documents: the smothering and demolition of the synagogue at wiesentstrabe 15 was only a small part of a tremendous outbreak of violence against the city's jewish citizens. This destruction plant was not only run by an elite circle of SS and SA henchmen; a "large part of the population" was also involved was at least involved as an interested observer and follower.

1. Indictment

Outstanding achievements of young wildflecken burgers honored

Outstanding achievements of young wildflecken burgers honored

The appreciation of young people’s educational and professional successes was on the agenda of the wildflecken market town council. "A very pleasing occasion", said mayor gerd kleinhenz (PWW): "it’s always something special to do the honors in a public setting like this."

After graduating from high school, marina lochner began training in local retail with a focus on e-learning. After just one and a half years, the vocational diploma was passed with rough success, and now further training to become a commercial specialist is also in the offing. Jelana hohmann-jung has already received a state award for her excellent performance in her training as a retail saleswoman. Mayor kleinhenz also expressed his congratulations on behalf of the municipality. Matteo beck and sophia trump were honored for their outstanding results in the abitur exam. "In times of shortage of skilled workers, these achievements cannot be overestimated."

Increased crime rate: nurnberg relies on new sheriff’s deputies

Increased crime rate: nurnberg relies on new sheriff's deputies

Relief can be felt at the CSU. After many years of begging, pestering and waiting, the nuremberg SPD has finally given in on the issue of the police. On the "prosecution of regulatory offenses in the city" the coarse town hall bunch soon wants to become new "helper sheriffs patrolling the urban jungle.

Recently, there had been repeated incidents in nurnberg. Among other things, a young woman was last sexually assaulted in the konigstorpassage.

Throwing tree trunks instead of cell phone gambling

Benjamin konzog (18) and johanna schubel (17) pull together to make a massive tree trunk small. They are busy building a shelter for the camp of the christian scouts. Both come from hof and have already been to the camp several times and know what to do. "The community that you experience here is mega-cool", says johanna schubel.

Every day, the camp that the scouts are building on the town's meadow next to the stadtsteinach campground grows a little. At the very beginning, the total of twelve tribes (including almost 300 children and young people) that came to stadtsteinach built their sleeping and catering accommodations. Also important are the cooking facilities.