Aurach sangergroup travels from lake to lake

Aurach sangergroup travels from lake to lake

The aurach-sangergroup’s eleventh community and educational trip this year took in three lakes in upper bavaria: lake starnberg, lake ammer and lake tegern. The musical high point of this three-day venture was a sunday church service in lenggries’ jakobskirche church. For the first time, the singers from different choirs of the aurach valley came together to form an ad hoc choir under the direction of group choir leader sandra haagen.

In addition to this, group chairwoman and trip organizer emilie meier had devised a varied and informative program of events. On the very first day, the 38-strong travel group took a boat trip on lake starnberg from starnberg to bernried to visit buchheim’s "museum of imagination" expressionist works from the buchheim and gerlinger collections to be viewed. On the following day one took oneself the ammersee before, where one visited the benedictine monastery andechs and wessobrunn under expert guidance of a local foreigner.

While the "holy mountain andechs is considered to be the oldest place of pilgrimage in bavaria, where, incidentally, carl orff, one of the most famous composers of the 20th century, also lived. Although the town of wessobrunn found its final resting place in the middle of the nineteenth century, wessobrunn went down in history with one of the oldest german linguistic monuments, the so-called wessobrunn prayer.

On the third and last day, another guide took the group on a tour of the lake tegernsee, showing them the most important places on the lake, such as bad wiessee, tegernsee and rottach-egern, before the sangers set off on their journey home, enriched by a good deal of knowledge.

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