Building land is in demand as never before

Building land is in demand as never before

In addition to some negative side effects, there were also many bright spots in the community of bundorf in the corona year 2020. In the past two years, 2019 and 2020, a total of 15 building sites were sold – probably more than ever before in the community's recent history, said mayor hubert endres () during his annual review at the community council meeting on tuesday evening in the town hall.

In 2020 alone, nine building plots were sold to builders. According to the mayor, ten vacancies have been eliminated for this purpose. In the last few years, a total of 91 vacant properties have been filled with life again, said the head of the town hall.

Bundorf, like six other municipalities in the northern district of habberge, is part of the hofheimer land community alliance. Their priority is to fill the village centers with life and to avoid empty buildings.

According to the mayor, other completed projects include the development of the building area in kimmelsbach, the renewal of the drinking water supply line from wells one and two to the mixing shaft, and the new construction of the fire department building in bundorf.

Endres took this opportunity to thank many citizens for their own efforts and their voluntary commitment. Planning for the "sonnenhugel" new construction area in bundorf has been initiated, he further informed. Endres said that there were already a number of people interested in building in this area. He had conducted negotiations for smaller construction areas in walchenfeld, schweinshaupten, kimmelsbach and stockach. The village community center in bundorf is in the planning phase, including the invitation to tender.

In addition to the annual review and information on current plans, the bundorf municipal council dealt with a number of other – smaller – items. The council passed a resolution for the construction of a photovoltaic plant in bundorf.

In the vicinity of the children's playground in bundorf, a contractor is planning to build a new tent hall for the storage of aluminum profiles. The hall is to be 36 meters long, 12.5 meters wide and 6.18 meters high. An existing old building is to be demolished for this purpose.

A farmer in the bundorf area is planning to build a new dairy barn with a septic tank and silo.

The council unanimously included the redevelopment of the old villages of bundorf and kimmelsbach in the statement of requirements for urban development for the year 2021. In bundorf, the burgerhaus is to be rebuilt with funds from the city's urban development program. In kimmelsbach, the square in the area of the bus stop is to be redesigned.

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