Robert neubner: a man who was inspiring

Robert neubner: a man who was inspiring

Robert neubner from mainbernheim stood for 37 years at the head of the district association of associations for landscape conservation, fruit and horticulture. In december, he handed over his office to younger hands (we reported).

On sunday, in his hometown of mainbernheim, his successor franz lindenthal awarded him the title of "honorary district chairman. Numerous guests of honor, including the deputy district administrator robert finster, the district manager of the fruit and horticultural associations of lower franconia, christine bender, the district technical advisor mechthild engert, and the honorary district chairman alfred buskens, attended the afternoon of honor at the parish hall. Almost all the local groups of the district had sent delegations.

Bender called neubner a longtime traveler who not only understood how to lead the district association, but who was also able to inspire people. It honored neubner’s services to horticulture and school gardens. The biggest challenge, however, was the small garden show in kitzingen in 2011. Neubner, as a creative person, succeeded in making his own contribution there. "That was a huge achievement," said bender.

Robert finster thanked neubner on behalf of the town of mainbernheim, the district council and the district administrator. Neubner was someone who always pointed out eloquently and vehemently that landscape conservation and horticulture were obligatory tasks of the county. Finster quoted from a letter that neubner had once written to the county council. Today, on the day of the oscars in the U.S., neubner also deserved one, but he had to be called "robert," he said gloomily.

He presented a gift in the name of the city and announced that one wants to plant him in honor in short in the moat garden an elsbeere. That hoarded neubner at first not at all gladly. Trees, he said, are usually planted only after the death of deserving people. Only when the honorary district chairman buskens explained that a tree had also been planted in his honor was neubner reassured.

Buskens said in his brief epitaph that he had come to know neubner as a person who gave his input everywhere, and that had been a good thing. District chairman lindenthal recalled the achievements of his predecessor and mentioned, among other things, his commitment to the preservation and replanting of meadow orchards, village greening, the implementation of flower decorating competitions or the competition "our village should become more beautiful".

In addition, he has attached great importance to public relations work, in which he has benefited from his eloquence. Thanks to neubner, many a local and youth group could be newly founded or revived, lindenthal said. He announced that the local groups would donate a bench and a small information board for the tree that the city would plant.

To the surprise of the guests, the honored man first turned to the representatives of the press. "They have always put up with me with patience for many years, even if some time ago someone said, ‘when will he finally stop preaching?. He also owes the title "mountain garden dwarf" to a journalist.

In response to the numerous words of praise, neubner said that they were usually saved for the obituary. What has just been heard is too much of an honor. "I discovered things about myself that i didn’t know before". He thanked the members, without whom none of this would have been possible: "what’s the use if someone at the top gives the go-ahead, the seed doesn’t fall on fertile ground and no one does anything?."

Afterwards, neubner once again showed his rhetorical prowess in his well-known manner. He told the audience about his life, from school to university to teaching, and also about his career in politics and at the district association of fruit and horticultural societies.

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