Future of the injured test pilot uncertain

Future of the injured test pilot uncertain

"I don’t know yet, it’s about the license," said the spanish woman, who lost her right eye in the crash on an airfield in england and suffered other serious head injuries. "There are riders in the U.S. Who lost an eye and still have the license," she told the spanish magazine "hola".

De villota remembers the accident completely. "Even to the moment of impact". The first sight of the head injuries and 104 stitches in her face were horrific, she said.

The 32-year-old, who appeared in photos with short blond hair and an eye patch, explained that she will soon have to undergo further surgical procedures. "But the worst is behind me," de villota said. However, she still had a headache and the doctors also did not know how long it would last. "Maybe years," said the pilot.

De villota was on 3. July crashed in a race car of the formula 1 team marussia. It was her first time as a test driver for the racing team, for which timo glock from wersau is the regular driver. On the way into the pits, she had crashed her racing car into the loading ramp of a team truck. According to marussia, there had been no technical defect.

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