Rate hold on temporary parking regulation

The sommerach town council dealt with a large number of building applications on monday evening. Among other things, it was about an application for permission from the municipality to renovate a historic enclosure wall at the main gate in sommerach. The building project has been approved – however, the company still wants to wait for the opinion of the consulting office schlicht lamprecht. The council also gave the go-ahead for four other building applications, subject to conditions and comments.

There were no major discussions on the temporary parking regulations for 2019 in the old town of sommerach. Also because this rule has been successfully implemented since 2016. The parking regulation process, says mayor elmar henke, is supported by the people. The basis for this is the municipal order issued by the 4. May to 27. October provides for the following rule. On saturdays from 2 p.M. To 8 p.M. On sundays and on holidays from 11 a.M. To 8 p.M. There is a general parking ban on public areas and roads.

New construction area takes the next hurdle

The kitzingen city council had to make numerous decisions at its meeting on thursday evening. Security in the city’s data exchange played the most important role in the presentation by head of department wolfgang zurrlein and his colleague christian stark from the IT department. Her proposal to connect the offices to the central servers in the city hall with a fiber-optic cable was unanimously approved by the committee.

Fire department: one deputy remains

The city council had to make a decision about the number of deputy commanders in the volunteer fire department. The on 16. October’s resolution, which entrusted this decision to the fire department to appoint one or two deputies, was not admissible. This decision was annulled. After the majority spoke out against the election of two deputies (7:19), the previous rule with one deputy continues to exist.

Merkel goes on the offensive:rule for full four years

Merkel goes on the offensive:rule for full four years

Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) wants to stay in office for a full four years if the SPD members agree to a grand coalition.

"The four years are now what i promised. And I’m one of those people who keep promises," the CDU chairwoman said this evening on the ZDF program "berlin direkt. She does not feel a loss of authority. She announced that the names of the six CDU ministers would be announced by the party conference on 26. The CDU delegates are to decide on the coalition agreement with the SPD at a meeting to be announced on february.

Zverev on becker as coach: won’t rule it out

Zverev on becker as coach: won't rule it out

"I’m not going to rule it out at all," the 23-year-old hamburger said in an RTL/ntv interview. "The work we did together, at the davis cup, at the ATP cup, i always liked that, too," the world number seven said a good week before the start of the australian open in melbourne. At the moment, however, there were other problems on both sides, which had to be dealt with first, before a cooperation could be considered.

That’s why the three-time wimbledon champion, who has also worked with world number one novak djokovic of serbia in the past, was "no question at the moment, but in the future i certainly won’t rule it out," said zverev.

Cyclists in road traffic: everyone knows these 6 types of cyclists

It’s not always easy for cyclists in rush-hour traffic. And in addition to the annoyance of cyclists with wildly parked cars, construction sites and pedestrians crossing the route with their smartphones and/or headphones, cyclists in road traffic in germany have to deal with yet another factor: other cyclists. Many people do not seem to take into account one of the ADFC’s golden rules: "be considerate". A typology of cycling nervousness in rush hour traffic:

the correct one: it shows the turn three side streets ahead of time. Rings ahead of overtaking managers by miles. And admonishes cyclists at the traffic lights who have just made a mistake, have a defective jerk light and a squeaky chain. This guy often wears helmets and neon rain gear in bad weather. His pack is safely stowed in multifunctional bags. He may sometimes look like an overachiever who has just got his biker’s license. But he heeds the ADFC rules for traffic safety and for example looks around before changing lanes.