Steven Spielberg’s talented daughter buzzy lee

steven spielberg's talented daughter buzzy lee

Her father is steven spielberg, one of the most famous cinema directors in the world, her mother is the famous actress kate capshaw ("indiana jones").

Nevertheless, sasha spielberg has no intention of using her family name as a natural ticket into the world of pop music. The 30-year-old american now releases her debut album under a cute but also somehow meaningless alias – as buzzy lee.

Before that, the singer had already made her first marks in several indie projects, for example with her brother theo as brother/sister and wardell as well as in the duo just friends with the electro artist nicolas jaar, "my best friend". After the buzzy-lee-mini album "facepaint" (2018), the first full-fledged studio record "spoiled love" is supposed to bring the breakthrough. And indeed, the nine songs sensitively orchestrated by jaar are worth all the advance praise they receive.

Many piano and keyboard sounds can be heard, over which sasha spielberg’s voice, reminiscent of kate bush, tori amos or fiona apple, comes into its own in the best possible way. Some arrangements show that the singer was already paying attention to film music as a young daughter of hollywood greats. She has "always been attracted to the soundtracks, but my dad was also into it," she said recently.

In the spielberg family, she was nevertheless at times "a rebel" with her fondness for the spice girls, the backstreet boys and christina aguilera. "When i got older, i discovered joni mitchell and led zeppelin."The film "almost famous" about the rock music of the 70s awakened the desire to perform in a band.

It’s strange that after several years in the music business, there’s talk of a debut as buzzy lee, says the los angeles-based artist, who has also appeared in several spielberg films. "But it is so personal that it has the energy of a first album."The tracks of "spoiled love" should make a coherent collection of songs in the style of carole king. So even if sasha spielberg doesn’t claim daddy-protection – she doesn’t lack for rough songwriter-pop role models.

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