Breakneck odyssey

Just under a year ago, a 48-year-old man from the district of bamberg was to be tried in the court of offences for a spectacular chase. At that time, the presiding judge gudrun goller failed due to a sick main prosecution witness. Michael herbst fared little better and had to suspend the proceedings again. Another charge is to be added. For the defendant this probably means that he can no longer hope for a preservation.

Open warrant

The vehicle embezzled; the license plates stolen; drugs in the bag. Fur ansgar F. (name changed) there were good reasons to speed away from the unexpected police check one noon in march 2018. But the most important reason was an open arrest warrant. The 48-year-old man was supposed to be in jail for 14 months. Only he did not show up there, despite being asked to do so. He preferred to drive around and get crystal meth from a well-known dealer.

The wild chase began between frauendorf and end, in the middle of the district of lichtenfels. Here, a patrolman became aware of the stolen license plates. When he tried to stop the red jeep, the driver simply accelerated full throttle. "I just wanted to get away", according to ansgar F. The uniformed officer in his patrol car had to struggle to keep up with the fugitive. He was obviously not interested in the blue light or the siren and certainly not in the stop signal. He was heading for bad staffelstein. Even a roadblock at the horsdorf traffic circle could not stop the speeder. In a ride over the hard shoulder, he circumnavigated the obstacle at an estimated 80 kilometers per hour.

Although it was a "tinker vehicle" in need of repair he was supposed to have acted, ansgar F., to keep the police at a distance even on the highway. According to his most persistent pursuer, up to 180 things were involved. Whoever was in his way was pushed aside by driving too close to him. "Some came into the lurch", according to the police officer. Because they wanted to avoid a catastrophe, the officers refrained from ramming the getaway vehicle. The car left the A73 near kemmern/breitengubbach-sud and drove at about 90 km/h through kemmern. "That was hard on the border", according to the police officer. In the village, ansgar F. Stop signs, crosswalks and a red light. At least one female pedestrian had to escape onto the sidewalk to avoid being hit by the reckless speeder. The odyssey went via hallstadt and dorfleins to oberhaid.

In the meantime, more than a dozen police cars had set about chasing down ansgar F. To put. The end was just as spectacular. To make the most of his all-wheel drive, ansgar changed F. Finally on slippery field and forest paths. Only his very first pursuer had held on until then.

In order to get rid of this one, too, he had made a full braking maneuver in order to cause a rear-end collision. At least that’s how prosecutor alexander zenefels sees it. The patrol car suffered property damage of around 4,000 euros. The officer, however, got away without injuries. "I held on to the steering wheel and hoped to get out of it in one piece."

Promise not kept

While at the beginning of the proceedings, ansgar F. Will confess everything, he deviated from this promise with each of the following sentences. He denied the speeds, denied endangering bystanders, and denied intentionally slowing his car to cause an accident. He had only turned off. "I probably did not blink."

It was all of no use. A few meters away, ansgar F. His jeep finally into the field. His escape to fub ended between sandhof and oberhaid in the district of bamberg. A police helicopter had located him.

The arrested man was carrying almost six grams of crystal meth, which he had just bought from his regional dealer. A second indictment, involving the theft of a valuable riding saddle in december 2017, revealed how he may have obtained the money for it. The good piece, worth around 3000 euros, had been stolen by ansgar F. Had stolen it from a riding school in gaustadt and converted it into 400 euros at a pawnshop in nurnberg.

Trial will take place

There is only one thing ansgar F. Don’t run away. The trial before the schoffengericht will take place. If not on this day, then in a few weeks’ time. Then probably also because of multiple notification, damage to property and hit and run. Judge herbst has already made it clear that it could not be anything with a preservation sentence. Especially since it was mentioned that the defendant had been caught driving without a license only three days before the court hearing.

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