After deadly shark attack: film team criticized

After deadly shark attack: film team criticized

On thursday afternoon, a four-meter shark attacked surfer david lilienfeld several times in shallow water near kogel bay and bit off his leg. According to the ministry of environment, the film project has nothing to do with the accident.

The 20-year-old was one of the best surfers in sudafrica. The death of lilienfeld, who had represented his country in several international competitions, was a "serious blow to the sport" and "an enormous loss for sudafrica’s surfers," the national surfing federation said.

Eyewitnesses reported that the powerful shark only managed to grab lilienfeld at lunchtime on thursday on the third attack. "It was a horror show, it looked like the movie "the female shark"," said surfer matt marais sapa. As several sharks were sighted in the vicinity, the body of the young man could not be recovered at first. Among the witnesses was the 18-year-old brother of the victim and several of his friends.

After warnings from shark expert dirk schmidt, among others, in recent weeks, the national environmental agency on monday rejected criticism of the coderfish as "inappropriate. However, shortly after the accident on thursday, the authorities withdrew the filming permit of the u.S. Documentary filmmaker chris fischer.

"We don’t think the accident has anything to do with the project, but given the controversy, we have decided to terminate the program," environment ministry spokesman zolile nqayi told the cape times newspaper. The film project has already caused "a lot of panic" "and we want to make sure that people go to the beach without fear". Cape town authorities reopened initially closed section of beach on friday.

Fischer denied that his work for "national geographic" could have anything to do with the death of the 20-year-old near cape town, according to the sapa news agency in south africa. His team had already left the coast section several days ago. During the 24 hours of work, only 24 kilos of sardines were thrown into the sea as cod. Schmidt had warned that tons of cod were being thrown into the sea, which could then attract many sharks. Wind and currents could drive coder near cape town beaches.

However, the operators of diving expeditions operating off the coast of cape town are throwing hundreds of kilos of fish cod into the sea every day, according to the cape times. Tourists are let into the water in kabigs where they can then watch the sharks.

Meanwhile, one of the largest female sharks ever sighted was caught by fishermen off the coast of mexico – the animal was already dead. Six meters long and weighing nearly a ton was the fish that two men pulled out of the gulf of california near the town of baja california, u.S. Media reported on thursday. It took the fishermen a whole hour to cover the four kilometers to the beach in their boat with the giant in tow. 50 helpers lent a hand to pull the colossus ashore.

"While it is unusual for fishermen to catch such a rough shark, the occurrence of adult female sharks in the gulf of california is quite normal," an expert told local station grind TV.

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