Comes the “proschelswiesenschoppen”?

They are considered to be the rebels of the ILEK "sudliches maindreieck", have already toyed with the idea of leaving and have now experienced a new inspiration: mayors and municipal councils of obernbreit. At the council meeting on wednesday evening, they summed up the intermunicipal council meeting of the ILEK communities in marktbreit two weeks ago – and it turned out quite positively.

"That was a very interesting meeting", said mayor bernhard bruckner and meant especially the tourism cooperation ideas of marco maiberger (we reported). Because in terms of tourism, the people of obernbreit have so far seen themselves as a bit of an outsider, since the community is not located on the main river and the range of tourist attractions here is anything but outstanding.

The fact alone that the obernbreit council arrived in marktbreit with ten people, making up the largest contingent, showed that "obernbreit has a strong interest in the ILEK," bruckner said.

But: "we also know about the deficits in our community in terms of tourism, but will make an effort," said bruckner further. And the important thing is: "we want our citizens to feel comfortable with us."Which, according to maiberger, does not contradict a successful tourism concept, because everyone benefits from good offers: guests and locals. "We are willing to do something and let it come to us," said bruckner.

The mayor already had a camping site in obernbreit, but everything was still missing, both the land and the operator. He repeatedly receives positive feedback from campers who use the few parking spaces on the proschelswiese. The recently opened dream circuit between marktbreit and obernbreit has also been very well received. However, the gastronomic offerings in the village are not always guaranteed, so that hikers often move on without a break.

If others offered a "bruckenschoppen", why not in obernbreit a "proschelswiesenschoppen" in the summer, wine-growing enterprises exist here, so a suggestion from the council round, which was also partly surprised that there are also overnight offers in the place. Another idea was to seek cooperation with the neighboring IEK iphofen. "These are the little things we can contribute," said bruckner at the end, with renewed optimism.

It was also revealed at the meeting that the youth center has been closed since the beginning of the month due to larvae complaints.

Since the substructure could be preserved when the sidewalk in marktbreiter strabe was replaced, the tree removal cost less than calculated: instead of just over 25,000 euros, the bill was now 18,700 euros.

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