Economic wing of the union rejects working time registration

Economic wing of the union rejects working time registration

"Not more bureaucracy, but more flexibility is needed", the "bild am sonntag" quotes from a resolution of the association. The obligation to register runs counter to "the modern desire for flexibility on the part of employees" and also leads to "gross bureaucracy for employers. Therefore, the daily maximum working time should be abolished and replaced by a weekly maximum working time.

The european court of justice (eugh) ruled on tuesday that employers should be required to systematically record the full working hours of all employees. The trade unions welcomed this as a protection against unpaid overtime and round-the-clock availability. Employers warn of new bureaucracy.

All EU countries must require employers to set up an "objective, reliable and accessible system" for recording the daily working time worked by each employee. It is up to the EU countries to decide what exactly the systems will be. There is therefore room for maneuver in the implementation and also the option of exceptions for individual activities which, for example, cannot be measured precisely.

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