Biebl wants to go full steam ahead to strengthen the kitzingen brand

Biebl wants to go full steam ahead to strengthen the kitzingen brand

Claudia biebl is a jack of all trades: by conviction and in an honorary capacity, she has been involved in the kitzingen city marketing association since 2009 in order to market the city better, to make it attractive for its residents and to support the business community. A constant presence before, during and after events, since 2014 she has also been the association’s chairwoman and managing director.

To the 1. In july, she transfers to the city administration as an employee with some of these tasks. Biebl thus fills the vacant position for economic demand and public relations since 2013. She reports directly to the mayor. The city council has recently given the green light for this.

OB: mrs. Biebl has a clue

Mayor siegfried muller presented biebl’s new area of responsibility in a press conference. He is pleased that the head of the city marketing association prevailed in the city council against 31 other applicants. "Mrs. Biebl has good ideas, knows the material, has learned her trade professionally and has proven that she can do it."Furthermore, you have good contacts in the business world and with the companies. Muller admits that the vacant position has placed an additional burden on the city administration. In recent years, the work has been shared between the building department, the main office and the mayor himself. Especially at the time of the conversion, the workload was "heavy. The economic demand had been treated of necessity stepmotherly.

Bringing the kitzingen brand forward

Biebl and muller now want to work together to bring "the kitzingen brand" forward. They want to get in touch with the companies early on to find out: where are they heading?? What do you want from the city?? Where can the city administration support you?

Biebl has defined the following tasks for herself, in addition to the general economic requirements: vacancy management for the city center, professionalization of press and public relations work, and updating the city’s website to make it more citizen-friendly, modern and service-oriented. She is a lone campaigner for the time being, but the mayor has promised her the support of the other departments. Biebl himself wants to work on the exchange between city marketing, tourist information and cultural professionals. The marketing expert is unaccustomed to administrative work: "I’m not an administrative person; this is new territory for me," admits biebl.

From the honorary office to the city administration

The change from honorary office to city administration now also has consequences for the city marketing association. Biebl gives up the chairmanship and the task of managing director as of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the association. June from. Her provisional successor is frank gimperlein, already a board member of the association. Elections are due in march of next year. Until then, the board of the association has to regroup.

The city’s support for the association should not suffer as a result of the change, the mayor emphasizes. At present, the city marketing association receives 70,000 euros a year. This includes the basic flat rate for the business office, services for the city festival and christmas market, as well as numerous material services of the building yard. However, since the association’s activities are strongly supported by volunteer work, the city does not want to cut back on these activities by cutting funding.

City marketing association has 175 members

The association itself has 175 members, who each pay an annual membership fee of 128 euros, biebl reports. It was not possible to finance the expenses for events such as advertising or security. The association is therefore dependent on funds from the city and sponsors.

Claudia biebl

The marketing expert claudia biebl was born near oberstdorf in allgau in 1963 and grew up there. After graduating from high school, she studied business administration at the university of applied sciences in kempten, majoring in human resources and marketing. After several internships in large cities, she joined the marketing department of today’s hypovereinsbank in munich. There, biebl was also responsible for direct marketing as part of executive board projects.

With her own agency bieblwerk it has been independent since 2003. She mainly serves customers in the health sector. Since 2009 biebl lives in kitzingen. Due to a change in her husband’s job, she moved from the south to the north of bavaria. The couple has two daughters.

In the city marketing association kitzingen biebl has been involved since 2009. She has been chairman and CEO of the association since 2014. Biebl will give up both her agency and her honorary positions in the club at the end of june. As of july, she will be working in the kitzingen city administration, where she will be responsible for economic development and public relations.

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