“Run10!”-treff is proud of its increased fitness level

After ten weeks of training at TS herzogenaurach, the time has finally come: the participants of the "run10" are ready!"-the members of the TSH running team have increased their fitness to such an extent that they can run or walk the entire distance without a break at the final 10 km race in the hop town of wolzach.

The participants and their trainers are really proud of the performance improvements they have achieved in the meantime: group 4 has increased from 20 minutes of walking to 70 minutes of walking. Group 3 increased its workload from 20 minutes of walking to four times five minutes of walking and ten minutes of jogging each time. Group 2 increased from walking three minutes and jogging one minute five times to walking three minutes and jogging 25 minutes twice. Group 1 finally improved from 30 minutes jogging to 60 minutes jogging.

Most of the participants are so enthusiastic about the training and the progress they have made that they will definitely "stay on the ball" some of them even wanted to become members of the TSH running department. In june, twelve "run10" participants had!"-the participants have already undergone an intermediate test and will run over five and five kilometres respectively in the country circuit in uttenreuth. Ten kilometers started.

The TSH running department again organized a bus trip to the final event in wolnzach to enjoy the reward of the ten weeks of training together with the participants. The "run10!"-TSH meeting shines in wolnzach with 66 starters ("49 "run10!"-participants and 17 coaches of the TSH running department) and was thus able to provide one of the strongest groups.

Two members of the TSH running department have planned a special arm training: reinhard schlichte and marcel zollhofer want to complete the 150 km to wolnzach by road bike. For the return trip, they probably only take the bus because their racing machines don't have any lighting. The starting signal for this final run, which will be broadcast live on bavarian television, will be on friday at 16.50 o'clock. In total, approx. 4000 runners from around 200 bavarian "lauf10!"-meetings expected. Following the joint sporting success, the runners celebrate a coarse town festival in the hop community.

After the last training session, the TSH running department honored the most active participants in "lauf10"-meeting from. Sabine dull from hebdorf (born 1989) took part in group 1 and did not miss any of the 30 training sessions. Second place with 29 participants went to irene seeberger from herzogenaurach, third place was shared by iris hoseus from oberreichenbach with 28 participants each, inge neumann from falkendorf, markus deschner from hannberg (pictured in the back with the light blue t-shirt), and erwin hildel from herzogenaurach.

The schuh family from erlangen-buchenbach is taking part in the "run10" with all four members of the family!"-meeting represented: parents monika and werner trained eagerly in group 3, the two daughters verena (21) and franziska (18) discovered their running talent in the more demanding groups 2 and 3 respectively.

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