Bavaria to crack down on islamists with electronic restraints

Bavaria to crack down on islamists with electronic restraints

In the fight against islamists, bavaria and hesse advocate the use of electronic restraints. "Extremist criminals who have been in prison for at least one year and are still considered dangerous after their imprisonment should be allowed to be monitored using electronic restraints", hesse’s justice minister eva kuhne-hormann (CDU) told the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" (SATURDAY].

Bavaria’s justice minister, winfried bausback (CSU), also considers this to be "effective in the fight against terrorism under criminal law," according to the report necessary. Bausback wants to put the issue on the agenda of the conference of justice ministers at the beginning of june, the paper writes.

Berlin’s senator of justice, thomas heilmann (CDU), was also open to further use of the restraint: "it can certainly be an effective instrument for removing people from certain places keep away." Currently, more than 70 released offenders are being electronically monitored, according to the report. According to the current legal situation, however, they must have been in prison for at least three years for this.
The fetlock is ordered by the court, which determines the areas in which a supervised ex-convict must stay. Alarm is triggered if a person does not comply with the conditions or manipulates the transmitter – and also in the event of technical breakdowns.

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