Staying on the ground

Staying on the ground

US president george W. Bush had one under him during his visit to the hyatt regency in mainz – a parquet floor manufactured by fub-boden bauer in kothen. The list of customers and projects of entrepreneur klaus bauer, whose primary goal is quality, is long. After the roomy award 2009 and the "specialist dealer of the year" award 2011 for an exemplary website, fubboden bauer was awarded at the domotex, the world's leading trade fair for floor coverings, in the category "best parquet specialist shop" with the "parquet star honored.
"The navel of the world kothen is not exactly, it was said at domotex, all the more astonishing was the overall package of the parquet specialist shop. Klaus bauer focuses on a holistic approach – from consulting to execution. The virtual design studio not only impressed the jury, but has also been popular with bauer's customer base since last fall. It is not only "trend-setting for the future", says the master parquet layer, but also customer-friendly. An "honest consultation bauer likes to offer his customers "nothing you can't promise". The virtual design studio convinces the customer with the creative possibilities, but also with the limits that are shown.
Bauer offers a wide variety of floors. "In the village we need the bandwidth", says the 44-year-old manager. In addition to the various types of wood flooring, bauer also installs cork, rubber, carpet and even leather flooring, among others. From exclusive to inexpensive, from traditional to modern, bauer has created a range of products that not only satisfies a president, but also appeals to the people of the region.
His specialty is inlay flooring. He discovered his penchant for fine woodwork at an early age. After completing his apprenticeship in his father's business, he received a gifted challenge as the third national winner, which he used to finance further training as a restorer. From his father ottmar, klaus bauer has learned that a business lives permanently from recommendations. The basic prerequisite for this remains quality, which is reflected in all facets of the finished floor. The quality chain has to be right, from long-serving employees to the materials used – wood, varnishes, adhesives, fillers – to the finished product. Equally important is the consultation, where "there's always a little bit more," he says go must.
In 1999, he and his brother christoph, who is two years younger, took over the business from their father. Christoph bauer, who holds a degree in industrial engineering, is responsible for the operational side of the business. He coordinates planning, material procurement and scheduling, and writes the organizational program. "Planning is our strength", klaus bauer praises his brother's performance. He himself is in charge of the manual area. "Upholding the craft" liked bauer. And despite the reflection on tradition, he does not want to be "stuck" his. In addition to inlays, bauer's strong point is the restoration of landmarked floors, but new and unusual customer requests are also implemented.
Klaus bauer does not remember any major problems, because there were always goals to work towards. "To implement a rough selection, the satisfaction of our customers and potential for improvement", that is always the focus of the kothener. And he does not waste his time talking or lamenting. You have to accept legal requirements or location weaknesses, and even work with them. "Our view was always forward", says the head of the guild of lower franconia. "Who does not go with the times, goes with the times", is the credo of the company, which not only he and his brother, but the entire team faces up to.

Parquet star and domotex

The "parquet star" award was officially announced last fall by the trade magazine parkett magazin for nine categories: best parquet specialist shop, best parquet specialist department, best shop conversion (specialist trade), best shop conversion (specialist department), best change of location (with new building), best employee qualification (trade), best employee qualification (trade), best customer loyalty, implementation of exhibition concepts in historic building fabric and lifetime achievement award.
The world's leading trade fair for floor coverings – domotex – took place this year from 14. Up to 17. January in hanover instead. The trade show is exclusively for industrial exhibitors; this year there were 1400 from 60 countries.

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