Transition must be planned anew

Transition must be planned anew

There was no approval in the municipal council for the "southern crossing aid B 279". The design agreed by horst hofmann of the weyrauther planning office in bamberg with the bamberg state tramway office and now presented was very different from that which the committee had already presented to the planning office. In the meantime, it has also become clear that the favored site near the lourdes chapel lacks the necessary flatness for land acquisition, even if one assumes the smallest dimensions of an island head with a width of four meters.

Above the southeastern development, the steep slope of the embankment along the main road poses a major problem. The area, which was needed for this, is a fauna-flora-habitat-area, which is subject to the nature protection law. Thus, compensation areas had to be created. All the owners had agreed to the acquisition of the land by the municipality.

New planning required

The municipal councils agreed that the direct connection from the bicycle path in the direction of reckenneusig must be ensured. According to hubert rottmann (WB), the safety of cyclists should come first. Ludwig blum (CSU) asked civil engineer hofmann whether the berm could not be blocked by a gabion fence or a wall. Finally, markus sippel (WB) inquired whether the time schedule would now be postponed much further; the state road construction office wanted to begin with the construction of the crossing aid in the spring of 2020.

In order not to allow any further delay, the unanimous opinion was that the planning office should again coordinate the location with the state road construction office according to the wishes of the community council and present the revised plan material by the next meeting.

Frank plotzki’s motion to erect an illuminated billboard in front of hauptstrabe 43 (formerly "kupferkanne") was rejected by a vote of 14:1. According to the design statutes for the historic center, only advertising installations in a restrained form are permitted. The councillors ludwig blum (CSU) and markus sippel (WB) pointed out that they had also rejected the advertising on the lampposts. Only bernhard muller (SPD) disagreed: "the advertising has to go somewhere!"

Fear of too much traffic

Regarding the planned construction of a high-bay warehouse for the company uniwell rohrsysteme in eyrichshof, mayor manfred deinlein voiced his concern that additional traffic of 75 trucks a day on the B 279 could be expected when the facility went into operation. Possibly the "baunach-alliance" could be formed use it to regulate the increased traffic volume, because the growth of the ebner forwarding agency has already greatly increased the burden on reckendorf.

In the end, third mayor hubert rottmann (WB) reported on the "marketplace of the generations" project in his function as seniors’ representative. This project is aimed at communities with up to 3,000 inhabitants and is intended to develop the medical, nursing, residential and social infrastructure in the village. Initially, there was skepticism because the project "isek and the "baunach alliance pursuing similar goals. In this case, 30 municipalities in the state will be selected to receive expert advice for two and a half years – but they will have to pay for it themselves. Reckendorf nevertheless wants to commit itself to the "marketplace of the generations apply, project start date is 1. February 2020.

Local councillors in the audience

An unusual picture had emerged at the beginning of the meeting, when it was a question of the partial annulment of five partly contradictory versions of three development plans for reckendorf-east. Because all involved resp. Those members of the town council who had close family ties to those involved were excluded from the vote, mayor deinlein had to hand over the chairmanship of the meeting to the oldest councilor, bernhard muller (SPD), and take a seat in the audience with six other council members, including the second and third mayors, erwin wahl (CSU) and hubert rottmann (WB). The further vote was now incumbent on the remaining eight councillors. Christian gunthner from the baunach community association acted as an advisor to the decision-making body.

After concerns such as the district office’s reference to the risk of increased immission protection in the event of redensification or the settlement of craft and commercial enterprises were rejected as unfounded, the draft of the VG building authority for the partial cancellation of the five plans was approved so that u.A. The public interpretation can be carried out.

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