Hannberg village square remains a “never-ending story

In the population it is ironically called "the never-ending story". This refers to the village square in hannberg and its long-planned renewal by means of structural measures, some of which have already been completed. However, from "accomplished" there is no talk yet, because the completion of the center of the square and thus the attractive part of the area will probably still be a long time coming. The municipality wanted to wait until the local thoroughfare had been built.

Discussions do not rub off

In the course of this rough project the place received a nice paving, parking bays were put on. Opinions only differed on the design of the center of the square and the transition to the road. For more than a year, the design of the square has been discussed in almost every meeting, because the planners, the construction company, the state building authority and, last but not least, the community had their own ideas.

The contractor used a concrete block boundary as a pattern, which contradicted the planning and did not meet with the approval of the building authority and the community council. Finally, the deadline for awarding the contract had expired, and at the request of the municipality there was a new offer. In october, the council decided to seek a supplemental bid with the option of concrete block and granite steps.

Stepped retaining wall

Mayor horst rehder put the design of the staircase on the agenda of the youngest meeting with the approval of the supplementary offer. On the day of the meeting, the construction company wunschgemab placed granite stones, which were presented by the municipal head on the basis of photos. And the resonance in the board? Well, enthusiasm looks different.

The mayor pointed out that it was not a staircase, but a stepped retaining wall. Different rules apply to stairs. "What looks step-mabby, people will use as a step", explained burkhardt niepelt (BB). He pointed out that steps should already have 30 centimeters of tread, because the traffic safety obligation lies with the municipality.

"Then immediately a hedge"

"i don"t think anything of this variant", oliver schubler (CSU) commented on the photos and advocated a concrete wall with a lander. "We were able to plant a hedge to round off the area, and the discussions finally came to an end," argued johann ort, argued johann ort (freie wahler).
It was also criticized that the construction company had not offered any alternatives. Schubler suggested involving planners again and asking for alternatives.

Stefan stiegler (SPD) found it "pretty ubel", how the matter was handled, and demanded an "end to the never-ending story". This is what the mayor and the administration tried to find with the proposal for the decision. The committee approved the supplementary bid of just under 13,000 euros with three votes against.

But that was not the end of the matter, the discussion continued at the end of the meeting – and it can be assumed that the matter is still not off the table. 



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