“Game of thrones”: new season only in may?

The time between the last episode of the old season and the first episode of the new season is "game of thrones"

-fans always a painful one – but this time the difficult phase could be particularly long. Because, as the website "vulture.Com" according to reports, the starting date for the sixth season of the series could slip into may for the first time. The first five seasons had always started between the end of march and the middle of april.

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This time, however, the series planning of the broadcaster HBO could delay the start. In february, the sunday series "vinyl" is said to be and "girls and "togetherness" launch. This means that HBO's sunday broadcasting time would probably last until the 24th. April occupied, speculates "vulture". Accordingly, the 1. May as the start date for the new season of "game of thrones OFFER. However, nothing is officially confirmed yet.

One way or another, the "game of thrones" have-fans still have some time to speculate about the future of their favorite series. For weeks now, the question of whether kit harington (28) will make a comeback as jon snow has been at the top of the agenda. Allegedly sighted several times in september on the edge of the filming operations.

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