Staying on the ground

Staying on the ground

US president george W. Bush had one under him during his visit to the hyatt regency in mainz – a parquet floor manufactured by fub-boden bauer in kothen. The list of customers and projects of entrepreneur klaus bauer, whose primary goal is quality, is long. After the roomy award 2009 and the "specialist dealer of the year" award 2011 for an exemplary website, fubboden bauer was awarded at the domotex, the world's leading trade fair for floor coverings, in the category "best parquet specialist shop" with the "parquet star honored.
"The navel of the world kothen is not exactly, it was said at domotex, all the more astonishing was the overall package of the parquet specialist shop. Klaus bauer focuses on a holistic approach – from consulting to execution. The virtual design studio not only impressed the jury, but has also been popular with bauer's customer base since last fall. It is not only "trend-setting for the future", says the master parquet layer, but also customer-friendly. An "honest consultation bauer likes to offer his customers "nothing you can't promise". The virtual design studio convinces the customer with the creative possibilities, but also with the limits that are shown.
Bauer offers a wide variety of floors. "In the village we need the bandwidth", says the 44-year-old manager. In addition to the various types of wood flooring, bauer also installs cork, rubber, carpet and even leather flooring, among others. From exclusive to inexpensive, from traditional to modern, bauer has created a range of products that not only satisfies a president, but also appeals to the people of the region.
His specialty is inlay flooring. He discovered his penchant for fine woodwork at an early age. After completing his apprenticeship in his father's business, he received a gifted challenge as the third national winner, which he used to finance further training as a restorer. From his father ottmar, klaus bauer has learned that a business lives permanently from recommendations. The basic prerequisite for this remains quality, which is reflected in all facets of the finished floor. The quality chain has to be right, from long-serving employees to the materials used – wood, varnishes, adhesives, fillers – to the finished product. Equally important is the consultation, where "there's always a little bit more," he says go must.
In 1999, he and his brother christoph, who is two years younger, took over the business from their father. Christoph bauer, who holds a degree in industrial engineering, is responsible for the operational side of the business. He coordinates planning, material procurement and scheduling, and writes the organizational program. "Planning is our strength", klaus bauer praises his brother's performance. He himself is in charge of the manual area. "Upholding the craft" liked bauer. And despite the reflection on tradition, he does not want to be "stuck" his. In addition to inlays, bauer's strong point is the restoration of landmarked floors, but new and unusual customer requests are also implemented.
Klaus bauer does not remember any major problems, because there were always goals to work towards. "To implement a rough selection, the satisfaction of our customers and potential for improvement", that is always the focus of the kothener. And he does not waste his time talking or lamenting. You have to accept legal requirements or location weaknesses, and even work with them. "Our view was always forward", says the head of the guild of lower franconia. "Who does not go with the times, goes with the times", is the credo of the company, which not only he and his brother, but the entire team faces up to.

Parquet star and domotex

Hannberg village square remains a “never-ending story

In the population it is ironically called "the never-ending story". This refers to the village square in hannberg and its long-planned renewal by means of structural measures, some of which have already been completed. However, from "accomplished" there is no talk yet, because the completion of the center of the square and thus the attractive part of the area will probably still be a long time coming. The municipality wanted to wait until the local thoroughfare had been built.

Discussions do not rub off

In the course of this rough project the place received a nice paving, parking bays were put on. Opinions only differed on the design of the center of the square and the transition to the road. For more than a year, the design of the square has been discussed in almost every meeting, because the planners, the construction company, the state building authority and, last but not least, the community had their own ideas.

Comes the “proschelswiesenschoppen”?

They are considered to be the rebels of the ILEK "sudliches maindreieck", have already toyed with the idea of leaving and have now experienced a new inspiration: mayors and municipal councils of obernbreit. At the council meeting on wednesday evening, they summed up the intermunicipal council meeting of the ILEK communities in marktbreit two weeks ago – and it turned out quite positively.

"That was a very interesting meeting", said mayor bernhard bruckner and meant especially the tourism cooperation ideas of marco maiberger (we reported). Because in terms of tourism, the people of obernbreit have so far seen themselves as a bit of an outsider, since the community is not located on the main river and the range of tourist attractions here is anything but outstanding.

On the trail of the mountain myth

On the trail of the mountain myth

The bullenheimer berg is interesting. Over the millennia, it has been populated again and again. At least 19 rich treasure troves were discovered in the late 1970s to late 1980s by explorers, some of which were illegally sold into the art trade, such as the famous treasure trove with the gold ornament.
Other treasure troves were excavated in cooperation with private collectors and the responsible monument authority, such as the magnificent phaler depot, which was the reason for several years of excavations on the mountain plateau in 1981. Excavations by wurzburg researchers took place in 1981, 1983 and 1988.
A special exhibition in the kirchenburgmuseum in monchsondheim, which runs from today until 17. The exhibition, which will be shown in july, offers fascinating insights into the current field research of the university of wurzburg on the bullenheimer berg, which spans the counties of kitzingen and neustadt a. D. Aisch-bad windsheim draws.
The documentation presents in an understandable way modern methods and techniques of archaeology, with which the prehistory of our region is investigated at present. In addition to methods of remote sensing and geophysics, there are also many scientific material analyses of finds from the bullenheimer berg.
In 2010 the chair of prehistoric and early historic archaeology started new fieldwork, cooperating closely with the archaological network kitzinger land, an association of amateurs under the direction of the municipal museum of kitzingen. The direction have professor dr. Frank falkenstein and professor dr. Heidi peter-rocher.
First, an airborne laser scan, a highly precise scan of the mountain, was made from a helicopter. Results from these investigations are shown in the iphof district of monchsondheim. "Our documentation is intended as a traveling exhibition in the region of kitzinger land to inform about the methods and initial results of the research project and to solicit acceptance for the archaeological project among the inhabitants of the district", says professor falkenstein.
The exhibition now on display in monchsondheim, in the shadow of bullenheimer berge, will be supplemented by a richly illustrated accompanying booklet, in which young scientists in particular will have their say, presenting their most recent research to an interested lay public. In addition to the current field research, the urnfield period hoard finds from the 9. Century v. Chr. From the bullenheim hill the object of scientific study of the wurzburg archaeologists.

Parallel to the exhibition in monchsondheim, a grave find from the urnfield period discovered by a probe walker in 1987 and recovered by the state office for the preservation of historical monuments is presented to the public for the first time in the municipal museum in kitzingen. "The find, which has been kept in the museum of kitzingen for a long time, not only represents the only known grave from the urnfield period from the bullenheimer berg, but with its rich bronze decoration it also constitutes a "ratselhaften befund", sums up stephanie nomayo, director of the municipal museum of kitzingen. The fascinating methods and results show the amazing possibilities of modern archaeology. However, it is also clear that research in the 30-hectare hollow settlement is still in its infancy. It will take years of intensive archaeological fieldwork before reliable data on settlement, economy and religion in the bronze and urnfield periods (ca. 1600 to 800 bc) are available. Chr.) can be met. Researchers are confident that they will unlock many more secrets from bullenheimer berg.

Aurach sangergroup travels from lake to lake

Aurach sangergroup travels from lake to lake

The aurach-sangergroup’s eleventh community and educational trip this year took in three lakes in upper bavaria: lake starnberg, lake ammer and lake tegern. The musical high point of this three-day venture was a sunday church service in lenggries’ jakobskirche church. For the first time, the singers from different choirs of the aurach valley came together to form an ad hoc choir under the direction of group choir leader sandra haagen.

In addition to this, group chairwoman and trip organizer emilie meier had devised a varied and informative program of events. On the very first day, the 38-strong travel group took a boat trip on lake starnberg from starnberg to bernried to visit buchheim’s "museum of imagination" expressionist works from the buchheim and gerlinger collections to be viewed. On the following day one took oneself the ammersee before, where one visited the benedictine monastery andechs and wessobrunn under expert guidance of a local foreigner.

Lutzi-festival-team builds waldhutte for the children

At the annual general meeting of the kindergarten association st. Dionys rottershausen, chairman simone herbst was able to report a lot of positive things about the course of the last year. The daycare center is well positioned in terms of space, finances and personnel. Unfortunately, only a few kindergarten parents were present. The general assembly was attended by 18 members of the association.

New board of directors

This year the new elections of the board of directors were held. 2. Chairwoman simone seufert and secretary vanessa schmitt did not stand for election again. Simone herbst loved to run again for the post of 1. Chairman, thomas rauh stood as a candidate for the office of the 2. Chairman. Cynthia gebner lieb also stood again as treasurer, and katrin stefan ran for the office of secretary.
Simone seufert and vanessa schmitt stood for election as treasurers. All were elected unanimously and accepted the election. Furthermore vanessa schmitt takes over the office of the delegate for the club community. The 2. Chairwoman simone seufert, who read out the activity report of the board, thanked in particular the educators and child care workers for their commitment and the very good work in the past year. Thanks also went to the parents' council for their commitment, good support and for organizing this year's children's carnival. She also thanked the municipality for the smooth cooperation and financial support.

Transition must be planned anew

Transition must be planned anew

There was no approval in the municipal council for the "southern crossing aid B 279". The design agreed by horst hofmann of the weyrauther planning office in bamberg with the bamberg state tramway office and now presented was very different from that which the committee had already presented to the planning office. In the meantime, it has also become clear that the favored site near the lourdes chapel lacks the necessary flatness for land acquisition, even if one assumes the smallest dimensions of an island head with a width of four meters.

Above the southeastern development, the steep slope of the embankment along the main road poses a major problem. The area, which was needed for this, is a fauna-flora-habitat-area, which is subject to the nature protection law. Thus, compensation areas had to be created. All the owners had agreed to the acquisition of the land by the municipality.

Finzel fights for the expansion

Finzel fights for the expansion

The widening of federal highway 4 in the so-called weichengereuth in coburg has been an issue for decades. For decades, it was considered a desirable goal by the county, the city and the business community. Now it is in the federal traffic route plan, is actually to be implemented and will cost 26 million euros, which the federal government will invest, while the town and community of ahorn will at best have to worry about connecting points. Now the city of coburg no longer wants the four-lane expansion planned. The mayor of ahorn, martin finzel (no party affiliation), can’t understand that. With a corresponding application, he wants to make sure of the support at least in the district council.

"The coburg region has been campaigning for years in a coordinated manner for the implementation of the expansion of federal highway 4 between the sud access road and the frankenbrucke in coburg. The declarations and in some cases unanimous resolutions from 2016 for inclusion in the 2030 federal transport infrastructure plan are examples of this. All those involved were already aware at the time that only a four-lane expansion would make it possible for the road to be included in the federal government’s 256 billion euro investment program, the 2030 federal transport infrastructure plan, finzel writes in the foreword to his proposal.

Vienna state opera holds on to placido domingo

Vienna State Opera holds on to placido domingo

Despite accusations of sexual harassment by some women, the vienna state opera is sticking to the agreed engagements with opera star placido domingo.

From his point of view, there is no legally tenable reason not to fulfill existing contracts, said the director of the state opera dominique meyer to the austrian news agency APA. He could not judge the accusations and did not want to play them down, said meyer. "At the same time, i don’t want to prejudge placido domingo either." The 78-year-old’s scheduled appearances as macbeth in october 2019 and as nabucco and as the conductor of "la traviata" in june 2020 remained intact.