Ihk economic trend: sentiment cools slightly

IhK economic trend: sentiment cools slightly

Bamberg – business sentiment in the bamberg region has cooled slightly since the turn of the year, but remains positive. According to the chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) for upper franconia in bayreuth, this is indicated by its economic climate index. It therefore falls by six points and now stands at 121 points.
"The companies are still in a good mood, but they see a risk in the framework conditions that are set for us by the politicians, warns heribert trunk, chairman of the bamberg chamber of commerce and chamber president, according to a press release. Trunk is also quoted as saying: "in order for the bamberg economic region to remain strong, the groundwork for the future must be laid now – by the district, but also by the city of bamberg."
Bamberg remains the strongest economic area in the chamber district, according to the announcement. "Driver" the district, which is clearly reflected in the development of the number of employees in the retail trade, said trunk: "in the district, the number of employees in the retail trade has risen by over 50 percent since the year 2000, while in the city it has fallen by 15 percent."

Need for action in the city
This is just one example, but it shows that there is a need for action, especially in the city. Future must be shaped during economic upswings, emphasizes IHK president: "if not now, when??" From his point of view, there are enough topics: urban renewal, strengthening of the retail trade, concepts for parking, strengthening of the university, especially the development of the conversion areas and the establishment of technology transfer centers. "We should be pleased that we have so many exciting topics ahead of us. Let's get down to business!" Trunk promotes a united front: "such megatopics can only be shaped together." City and state, citizens, politics, business and science had to work together to develop sustainable solutions. Together, we will also find an ear to the ground in the decisive places. Other regions, including upper franconia, had set an example by working together with all stakeholders to launch important projects. Trunk appeals: "this must also be possible in bamberg!"
The latest business survey shows that 36 percent of bamberg companies rate their current business situation as good; only nine percent are dissatisfied. On balance, the result is still clearly positive, even if it is weaker than recently, according to the chamber of industry and commerce.
Slight slowdown attributed to development of foreign sales. The ceos surveyed had seen a drop in sales on foreign markets in the past six months. In contrast, domestic sales have remained constant. According to trunk, the chamber of industry and commerce assumes a "temporary development. Capacity utilization in the companies remains good and expectations for sales development are positive.

Motorcyclist collides with turning car

A motorcyclist was injured in a traffic accident early on friday afternoon on the main road between ermershausen and birkenfeld. A 51-year-old mercedes sprinter driver from the habberge district was traveling on the staatsstrabe in the direction of birkenfeld and wanted to turn left into the ringstrabe in ermershausen. To do this, he put on the blinker and turned off. A following 17-year-old from the habberge district saw the turn too late and crashed his motorcycle while braking. The yamaha slid under the sprinter; the young rider remained injured on the roadway. The young man came to the hospital in habfurt for further clarification of the injuries. The sprinter driver was unhurt. Two witnesses to the accident, who were standing in the ringstrabe, performed exemplary first aid and made the emergency call. 14 firefighters from the ermershausen fire department were deployed to secure the scene of the accident and to clean up the spilled oil. No property damage to the sprinter. The motorcycle was damaged to the tune of 2000 euros; it was no longer roadworthy.

Ex-policeman in court: colleagues describe him as reliable

Was he a calm, experienced and reliable colleague or did he often fly off the handle, was he unbalanced and irritable?? On the fifth day of the trial, a contradictory picture of the defendant's character emerged for the judges of the first gross criminal division.
On the witness stand, the former supervisor and colleague of the 55-year-old police officer testified. The man from the district of kronach has been standing trial in coburg district court since mid december on charges of rape, sexual assault and bodily injury.
"There were no difficulties at all, he was a great colleague", said one of the witnesses "he was someone you could rely on and was not too shy for anything." He talked about a "trusting cooperation". Another officer made the same comment: "I went on patrol with him and had only positive experiences during that time. The 55-year-old has never raised his voice on the job, either. A third police officer speaks of a "super relationship". "If one turned to him (…), he was always ready to help you out, no matter when and what it was", he said. The defendant, as a former investigator, had much more experience than he and his colleagues from the patrol. He described the accused as calm and level-headed. A colleague also declared that she had gotten along well with the 55-year-old. "I cannot say anything negative."

This testimony was sought for clarification by prosecutor jana huber and the two representatives of the joint plaintiff, kristina freifrau von imhoff and wolfram schadler, who represent the third wife and another woman involved in the case. Schadler even suspected the former colleague of collusion, because she had spoken intensively with one of the witnesses from the police station.
Another witness, who also spoke only of positive experiences with the defendant, was held up by the presiding judge michael imhof to his original statements to the police. "There they described that he was very quick-tempered. I am surprised that you see things differently today." He explained the discrepancy to his earlier statements with a "certain (investigative) pressure" of the colleagues who investigated the 55-year-old in the case. Moreover, it had happened only once that the defendant had reacted in a hot-tempered manner on duty, he emphasized several times. "That was a slip." In his police statement, he only wants to refer to this one case. He got a reprimand from the prosecutor, who questioned his statement: "don't pressure me during the interrogation. You are a trained police officer", she said, "you have to be able to handle an interrogation situation like that."

Friends from the partner community douvres visit us

Friends from the partner community douvres visit us

Arriving in provence, the visitors from douvres-la delivrande were delirious when they got off the train in oerlenbach and the thermometer read almost 38 degrees. One had planned to visit the friends in oerlenbach once at the rakoczy-weekend to see this famous rough event. But first, on friday afternoon, the group went to munnerstadt, where they took part in a guided tour of the town and were shown the sights of the small french town and explained the former importance of munnerstadt.

In the evening the time had come to visit the rakoczy festival in bad kissingen together. Deeply impressed by the historical significance of the bathing city, the french guests celebrated with their hosts until late into the night. On saturday morning, the group left early for an excursion to schweinfurt, where they visited the german bunker museum in ernst-sachs-strabe. After two hours in the high bunker behind thick walls, the longed-for cooling down came in the form of a heavy rain shower during a stroll through the city. Saturday evening was spent in the culture barn in eltingshausen.

Tradition and species-appropriate husbandry

Because of the pandemic, the breeders of poultry in rezelsdorf have also had a "thirsty period", because there were neither shows nor events with and around the poultry. After the restrictions were loosened, after the break now in the exhibition hall now the central franconian district show, rezelsdorfer flugelschau and jubilaumsschau, could be connected with the 72nd anniversary of the district show. District show of the kreisiii erlangen take place. For the breeders association rezelsdorf 1971 e.V. (RZGV) it was the 50. Local show, which was also declared a "robert lunz memorial show. The association was founded in 1971 in the lunz country inn of the late 84-year-old honorary member and senior citizens’ association host and initiator robert lunz. In its premises the events took place in the founding years and until the construction of the wing hall of the association also the first pigeon and wing markets took place.

Animal welfare in practice

The chairman buried among other things burgermeister karl-heinz hertlein, the circle chairman jochen sperber and honorary chairman klaus neudecker. For mayor karl-heinz hertlein, handling animals is practicing animal welfare and demonstrates respect for nature and shows that animal husbandry and breeding in harmony with species-appropriate husbandry are not opposites. In his greeting, the mayor praised the association’s commitment to the market community and, in particular, its outstanding work with young people .

Neudrossenfeld is all the rage until monday

neudrossenfeld is all the rage until monday

Again and again passers-by were allowed to take a sip of beer in exchange for a small obolus. Upstairs at the kull family's house, high-proof drinks are poured and dances are held. Then it's off together to the guardian's house, where the shouts of "wer hod kerwa, mir hom kerwa" are heard resound loudly through the hall and all guests join in the celebration.

Today, saturday, there will be at the schutzen from 16.30 o'clock sau am spieb, at 8 o'clock the theater group brucklein shows there their three-act play "der goldene sarg". This farce will be played again on sunday at 4 p.M., before that the organizers invite to coffee and cake starting at 2 p.M. And on monday, the finale follows with the burial of the kerwa, after which the participants enjoy the sour meat at the poultry farmers in the hall on the weinberg.