Mollath in talk show: minister merk has lost her marbles

Mollath in talk show: Minister merk has lost her marbles

Gustl mollath, who was kept in a psychiatric ward against his will for seven years, has again sharply criticized bavarian justice minister beate merk (CSU). On the ARD talk show "beckmann he accused the minister of having contradicted himself. "I’ll tell it like it is, even if it sounds impertinent: it’s a lost cause", said mollath. "The statements she made about me and my case a year ago are more than 180 degrees contrary to what she is saying today."

Mollath was committed to a psychiatric hospital in 2006 as a danger to the community and was released a good week ago. At the same time, in response to an appeal by his lawyer, the higher regional court in nurnberg ordered that the proceedings against the 56-year-old mechanical engineer in regensburg be reopened. With the overturning of an earlier verdict, mollath was released on the same day.

In the TV talk show, mollath also questioned the system of psychiatric evaluation. It is not yet clear whether he will have his state of mind examined as part of the reinstatement proceedings. "If I’m going to be evaluated, I have to be sure that it’s going to be done on a scientific and objective basis". In any case, he must trust the appraiser. "And the whole review process must be recorded in words and pictures", he said.

His lawyer gerhard strate, on the other hand, explained on the TV talk show that he advises his client not to do this "because I don’t think it’s necessary". In any case, he assumes that the court will dispense with such a psychiatric report in the retrial. "Without wanting to offend the regensburg chamber, I assume that the court will try to get out of the case quickly and will not come up with an expert opinion first", the mollath defense attorney said. The whole process will be relatively short. Strate expects to start the retrial by the end of the year.

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