Neudrossenfeld is all the rage until monday

neudrossenfeld is all the rage until monday

Again and again passers-by were allowed to take a sip of beer in exchange for a small obolus. Upstairs at the kull family's house, high-proof drinks are poured and dances are held. Then it's off together to the guardian's house, where the shouts of "wer hod kerwa, mir hom kerwa" are heard resound loudly through the hall and all guests join in the celebration.

Today, saturday, there will be at the schutzen from 16.30 o'clock sau am spieb, at 8 o'clock the theater group brucklein shows there their three-act play "der goldene sarg". This farce will be played again on sunday at 4 p.M., before that the organizers invite to coffee and cake starting at 2 p.M. And on monday, the finale follows with the burial of the kerwa, after which the participants enjoy the sour meat at the poultry farmers in the hall on the weinberg.

The kerwaburschen and -madla are already in a good mood at the kick-off, after a few spade stabs the cassette with a bottle of asbach and a bottle of feigling appears intact – together with the list with the drinks consumed in the past year. "No unpaid bills to settle", amazes paul kuhnert, the first to dig up the earth. "I'm glad we're back together and keeping the old kerwa tradition alive", he says.

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