Contemplative celebration in a mystical place

Contemplative celebration in a mystical place

There are still special, almost magical-mystical places on the jura that are not so well known. One of them is "maria im wald", best reached from poxdorf.

Also or just despite corona celebrated pastor i.R. Markus brendel from hollfeld there the 30. Forest service in front of the forest cross close to the "maria im wald" chapel. It is also called the reuth chapel because it stands in the corridor so named by the local people.

Date was not publicly known

Memmelsdorf-born fritz schwengler, who runs a nursery in kotzendorf, settled in the jura and 30 years ago erected a cross in his forest stucco, which lies about two kilometers north of poxdorf. A holy mass was celebrated at the consecration of the cross in the square in front of the church. Since then, fritz, as everyone calls him, has always succeeded in finding a priest to hold services here on whit monday or, for some years now, on the sunday after the ascension of mary. From pastor markus brendel, who used to be pastor in scheblitz and now spends his retirement in hollfeld, he has for several years the promise for the mass celebration. This year, because of corona, the date was not made public and only about 70 believers learned about the day in a roundabout way.

On private ground

The believers of the jura often quarrel with their clergy, which in their opinion interprets the corona rules too strictly, so that, for example, only recently a church service was not even held outdoors in the most beautiful weather. However, since this service took place on private property, the domberg may only grumble afterwards, and the clergyman will already put up with the ruffle. The corona regulations were nevertheless complied with.

After toni heinert, who also served as sacristan, had rung the little bell of the chapel, the brass band of steinfeld sang the song "erde singe, dass es klinge" ("earth sing, that it may ring") and all sang along with fervor.

Father brendel said at the beginning that today we should look again at mary, because she had a special place in the life of jesus. In his sermon, he then referred to the tradition that when the apostles visited mary’s tomb, they found it empty, but filled with flowers.

Sign of life

"The flowers are a sign of life and joy", the clergyman stated and asked the audience: "it is our task to deal with the forest in such a way that the following generations can still live from it"!" The importance of this reminder could be seen in the damage to the forest right next to the altar, where trees had already been partly cut down or others were still standing dormant. Brendel comforted the faithful with the words: "just as jesus looked upon maria, he does not forget or forsake us. We should therefore sometimes in our everyday life look at the beautiful and the good."

At the end, the preacher challenged the audience: "but we should also do everything we can to make sure we are doing well, because that is also what god wants us to do."

After the service, the alphorn players played "french switzerland" some more quiet and contemplative songs, which sounded far through woods and meadows.

Music was played by josef bickel (geisdorf), arno schlee (steinfeld) and the host fritz schwengler (kotzendorf). All present thanked the pastor and the family schwengler for giving them this touching and impressive hour at "maria im wald" made possible. Towards the end of the day, some of them joined the priest in singing a few marian hymns in and in front of the chapel and prayed to the angel of the lord before heading home in a cheerful mood.

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