Outstanding achievements of young wildflecken burgers honored

Outstanding achievements of young wildflecken burgers honored

The appreciation of young people’s educational and professional successes was on the agenda of the wildflecken market town council. "A very pleasing occasion", said mayor gerd kleinhenz (PWW): "it’s always something special to do the honors in a public setting like this."

After graduating from high school, marina lochner began training in local retail with a focus on e-learning. After just one and a half years, the vocational diploma was passed with rough success, and now further training to become a commercial specialist is also in the offing. Jelana hohmann-jung has already received a state award for her excellent performance in her training as a retail saleswoman. Mayor kleinhenz also expressed his congratulations on behalf of the municipality. Matteo beck and sophia trump were honored for their outstanding results in the abitur exam. "In times of shortage of skilled workers, these achievements cannot be overestimated."

Work for forecourt awarded

The forecourt at the haus des gastes in oberbach needs to be restored. The adjacent road on the railroad embankment was dug up at short notice to renew the house connection to the building site. In addition, massive damage and holes have been made on the forecourt in the past years. "The flat is in urgent need of renovation", mayor kleinhenz said. The total cost of the operation is about 28.000 euro. Of this amount, about 9,000 euros will be spent on repairing the holes that have been left by the repair of the house connection. The contract is awarded to the company vath from oberbach. The annual operating plan for the community forest was discussed in detail in the committee. The council had no objections.

About 19.000 euros of the market community’s own contribution for the so-called staging of the new rhonexpress rail bike path. This involves the attractive design of the entire section of the track, including the former track houses, as well as marketing and public relations work. In addition, the bruckenauer rhonallianz has applied for funds from the leader request pot.

Rub down and rebuild

The market town council had no objections to an application for the demolition of the existing residential building with the subsequent construction of a new house in huttengasse. "It is gratifying when young people settle in the community", kleinhenz says. A council member plans to change the use of the existing garden house to a vacation home. "Nothing stands in the way of this change on the part of the municipality", kleinhenz said. The committee gave its approval – the council member was not allowed to take part in the vote himself. The new construction of a residential house with garage near ruckbergstrabe in wildflecken is planned. The building site is adjacent to the building area "die hoh to. The market council unanimously approved the building project. Another preliminary building application occupied the market town council. This is about the planning of an agricultural present with animal husbandry in the near of the oberbacher sports field. An inclusion statute will be required because the building project is located in the area of the aube. "We should give the family this chance", according to mayor kleinhenz. The borough council agreed in principle that an inclusionary bylaws will be launched.

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