Weibenoher are annoyed: shooting is not only on new year’s eve

Weibenoher are annoyed: shooting is not only on new year's eve

Even before new year’s eve, there were public discussions about whether the ignition of fireworks should be limited in time and whether firecrackers should be banned – out of consideration for animals and because of the fine dust that causes fog. The administration in grafenberg also received complaints. It was probably annoying for many people that long before midnight rockets were shot into the sky and bollards exploded with a loud crash. "So it is reported of fireworks from 16 o’clock on new year’s eve to 8 o’clock on new year’s morning. The associated noise pollution is unacceptable", second mayor raimund schwarz (WGA) summarized the complaints. He had to replace mayor rudolf braun (WGA/) at short notice, who unexpectedly had to go to hospital. Regarding the new year’s eve complaints there is a legal regulation in the ordinance to the explosives act. This stipulates that the so-called "new year’s eve" fireworks are not allowed in the period from january 2 to january 30. January to 30. December may only be burned with the permission of the municipality. An exception has been made for new year’s eve and new year’s day. On these days fireworks were allowed to be set off even without permission from adults.

Municipality can impose restrictions

However, the municipality can limit the time of firing of these rockets. The administration proposed restricting the burning of pyrotechnic objects on new year’s eve and new year’s day. As a result, shooting was allowed only on new year’s eve from 7 p.M. Until 3 a.M. On new year’s day. This then set off a lively discussion. What is still to be restricted? Others in the committee pointed out that it is not possible to control who does not comply with this time limit. And another question came up: what would happen to the fireworks that are rounded off during the year?? Should this then also be forbidden? The municipal council therefore decided to rely on the voluntary efforts of the citizens to light the rockets, bollers, light volcanoes and the like only on new year’s eve from 7 p.M. Until new year’s day at 3 a.M.

WLAN in the youth center

The young people of the community have a wish: WLAN in the youth center. The council understands this, as well as their wish that the kitchen and the sanitary room be redesigned. "They are already getting on in years", said second mayor raimund schwarz about the condition of the spaces, when youth worker christian schonfelder described this in his annual report. He told about the activities that he undertakes with the young people. That was a trip to erfurt to the kinderkanal, there was bowling on the program, a trip to nurnberg. The prevention events on the topics of violence and drugs and education on right-wing and left-wing extremism and islamophobia were placed in schools. Because this educational work takes place mainly in cooperation with the middle school. Finally, schonfelder pointed out that youth work is a compulsory municipal task. With the new "weber" building area things are moving forward. The plans for water, canal (both with 21.327 euro) and the strabe (33.828 euros gross) were awarded to the buro muller in eckental. This is in accordance with the valid fee regulations.

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