Children experience the forest habitat with all their senses

More than 20 children from the district of kronach and two children even from the district of weibenburg accepted the invitation to the youth forest home lauenstein for the vacation camp of the arbeiterwohlfahrt (awo). Under the motto "forest for all – all for the forest"!" They experienced an adventurous and educational vacation week. The leaders of the youth center peter and melanie schwarzmeier informed the children how important the forest is for everyone, be it for the climate, as a building material, for clean water, for good air, for firewood, for erosion protection and, what is especially important for the kids, also for playing. In the course of the week, they worked out what can be done for the forest.

As a first action huts were built and also a rough hut, in which eight people could spend the night. On the second day followed a dragon rally, where teamwork was required. In a workshop, people could give free rein to their creativity as they pleased. Once again, a theater play was performed, for which costumes, stage design and props were created. For a common dinner in the forest, pizza dough was prepared, the wood-burning oven was heated, tomato and herb sauce was prepared, and blackberries collected in the forest were cooked into jam and used as a filling for leaf dough. The children were very enthusiastic. What was new this year was that all supervisors and children could spend the night in their self-made huts under the starry sky in the middle of the forest.

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