Before the autumn vacations: corona measurements are tightened up

before the autumn vacations: corona measurements are tightened up

Fearing a sharp rise in the number of infections during the fall vacations, the federal and state governments are tightening up corona testing again. Chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and bavaria’s minister president markus soder issued urgent warnings against unnecessary travel to risk areas.

In addition, private celebrations, some of which have recently proved to be hotspots, are to be restricted if the infection figures in certain regions make this necessary. Health minister jens spahn (CDU) said on ZDF’s "heute-journal" that socializing, restaurants, travel and leisure activities currently pose the greatest risk of infection. "The virus is the spoiler here, not me or us in politics."

Spahn said after a conference between the chancellor and the heads of the state governments that it would make sense to differentiate state restrictions according to region and the specific local infection situation, otherwise the acceptance of the population would be lost. He called on citizens to examine their behavior. Everyone might consider whether now, in the midst of the pandemic, is the time for a more coarse family celebration. Freedom does not mean that everyone can do what they want. Everyone has a responsibility for the people around them. "Government coercion alone won’t do it."

Soder stressed that they do not want a second lockdown. In some regions, however, the number of infections could get out of control if no action is taken. Priority given to jobs, schools and daycare centers. One million deaths worldwide in connection with the coronavirus "no one can ignore," soder continued. "The numbers are exploding around us."

Merkel explained that germany had come through the summer well, but now faced a "more difficult time" in the fall and winter. But you can oppose it with the right measures. These could only be enforced if there was a willingness on the part of the burghers to obey the rules so that the epidemic would not spread further. She also said that the priority was to keep the economy going as far as possible and to ensure that children could go to schools and daycare centers.

Teachers should be among the first to be vaccinated against coronavirus when the vaccine is available, according to federal education minister anja karliczek. This is necessary because of the large number of contacts at school, especially if they belong to a risk group, the CDU politician told the editorial network germany. Also, a preferential vaccination for teachers helped to keep the school running, which is so important for society.

The president of the german teachers’ association, heinz-peter meidinger, called for a nationwide corona traffic light for schools. He told the "rheinische post": "even after such a decision, we are still miles away from a corona school traffic light that would apply in all federal states and would clearly regulate the level of infection at which health protection measures must be taken at educational institutions."

President of the german medical association klaus reinhardt explained that the national strategy of the federal government and the states "gives people orientation and employees in the health care system a little more planning security". However, a comprehensive testing strategy is now needed "that includes testing where it is medically appropriate and, above all, takes advantage of the new possibilities offered by rapid corona testing".

The president of the german county council, reinhard sager, told the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe: "we can still prevent a second wave. The agreed celebration caps are therefore a right step as one of a few nationwide guard rails.". At the same time, sager called for a decentralized damming strategy to be maintained.

In the opinion of the FDP, the measures against the virus should not only be based on the number of new infections, but also, among other things, on the capacity utilization of the health authorities or the local hospitals. FDP leader christian lindner buried the fact that the federal government and the lander had only agreed on one recommendation when it came to celebrations in private homes. For the liberals the inviolability of the home is valid. It is inconceivable to her that the police or the orudnungsamt would knock on the door of her apartment for a check-up.

In the "rheinische post," grunen faction leader katrin goring-eckardt accused the federal government and the states of failing to act with foresight in the crisis. "They seem to be surprised once again that the cold season and the next vacations are just around the corner". She called for an independent pandemic council.

The following resolutions were passed by the federal and state governments:


All citizens are asked to critically assess in each individual case whether, how and to what extent private celebrations are necessary and justifiable. If the number of infections increases, upper limits should be set for the number of participants, and this in two stages. If there are more than 35 new infections in a county within seven days per 100.000 people should be allowed to celebrate together in public or rented rooms with a maximum of 50 people. For parties in private rooms, a maximum number of participants of 25 people is "strongly recommended" – but not prescribed, as the federal government originally intended.

When there are more than 50 new infections per 100 in a county within seven days.000 inhabitants, a maximum of 25 people should still be allowed to celebrate in public or rented rooms. For parties in private rooms, a limit of ten participants is "strongly recommended". Exceptions could be allowed if there are for notified celebrations approved by the health department.


Anyone who gives false personal details when visiting a restaurant will be fined at least 50 euros. In schleswig-holstein, this is to cost up to 1000 euros. Innkeepers will also be held accountable for checking these disclosures. Merkel urged hospitality operators to monitor better. The data are important because they are collected to track possible infected contacts.

Early warning system PLANNED:

A corona warning light proposed by north rhine-westphalia’s head of government, armin laschet (CDU), and also by soder is not explicitly mentioned. However, it is said that the countries have already been informed before the number of new infections reaches 50 per 100,000 inhabitants.000 inhabitants within seven days, "an appropriate early warning system" could be set up.


In many european countries as well as worldwide there are high numbers of infections, travel warnings are in effect. But there are to be special regulations, for example for necessary business trips.


In view of the expected flu epidemic in the fall and winter season, the possibilities of using fever outpatient clinics, focus consultations and focus practices should be used. At the same time, high-risk groups in particular should be vaccinated against seasonal influenza as a precautionary measure.

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