The alleged wire-puller of the mohammed video is on trial

The alleged wire-puller of the Mohammed video is on trial

Mark basseley youssef, who at times also used the name nakoula, has denied all eight charges against him in los angeles, the U.S. Channel CNN reported. The 55 year old man was arrested at the end of september. He is accused of violating his preservation order from a 2010 bank fraud conviction.

The u.S. Citizen of agyptian descent is in custody under investigation. He is not to be released on bail for the time being. The court set a further hearing for the 9. November to.

The amateur film "innocence of the muslims," which denigrates the prophet mohammed as a womanizer, homosexual and paderast, was filmed in the summer of 2011 near los angeles. Internet clips of the film sparked massive protests in the islamic world. There were several deaths.

Prosecution accuses youssef of dying in violation of several preservation orders. So he had used different names as a businessman. He also surfed the internet, although he was only allowed to use a computer and the internet with the express permission of his presidential aide.

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