Hans michelbach remains chairman of the csu federal electoral district conference

Hans michelbach remains chairman of the csu federal electoral district conference

The CSU members from the federal, state, district and local governments met for the federal electoral district conference at the gasthof wasserschloss in mitwitz. The conference analyzed the current economic and political situation in the region and, as part of the regular elections, elected hans michelbach as its chairman once again.

Hans michelbach emphasized that the CSU in the federal constituency had two successful years behind it, winning all the direct mandates in the federal and state governments, successes in the state and district elections, and most recently in the district council elections in coburg. The region is very well positioned. The continuing record employment, the low number of insolvencies and the stable growth of just over two percent have allowed the region to regain its strength as one of the most industrially dense locations in europe. The CSU is therefore the driving force. "The region must do everything possible to avoid an economic downturn. The framework conditions for education, research and development, and support for family businesses always pose a new challenge", michelbach says. On behalf of all the officials and mandate holders present, he announced an economic stimulus package that would provide relief for employees and investment in innovation and infrastructure. The priority is to prevent tax increases and to push ahead with the complete abolition of the solidarity tax, as well as to ensure competitive energy prices.

The upcoming property tax reform is a major challenge for the region, he says. The concept presented by federal finance minister scholz is nothing other than an attack on tenants and property owners in the region. Michelbach called for a basic tax reform with room for maneuver for the countries, calculated on the basis of transparent and simple criteria. "The federal finance minister’s plans are a guarantee for permanent rent increases, since the property tax will be passed on to the tenants. Housing, especially in already high-priced areas, must not become even more expensive there and elsewhere", he emphasized. "The property tax is a property tax. For the taxation of income and wealth, we have the income tax and the inheritance tax", said michelbach. In his view, opening clauses as well as the different basic tax rates of the municipalities are the right answer to the regional differences between kiel and constance.

Michelbach praised the good cooperation of CSU leaders in the area of infrastructure improvements. There is a broad consensus that the region is in urgent need of better road and rail links. This unity after auben has already borne fruit with the announced improvements in the rail infrastructure in coburg and kronach as well as in road construction. "We will not be split up. That is our strong", michelbach continues.

Constituency preserved in whole

This also applies in the effort to preserve the electoral district. The electoral district coburg/kronach must be preserved in whole as such. The unanimous tenor of the CSU leadership is in favor of a reduction in the size of the german parliament, but not at the expense of the constituencies, because direct contact with the people is the top priority.

The upcoming elections for the european parliament on 26 june. May are of the utmost importance for the region from the CSU’s point of view. 50% of regional value creation is directly dependent on the EU internal market. The EU is the guarantor of peace, freedom and prosperity.

New elections were held under the chairmanship of jessika dorst. Mdb hans michelbach was thereby confirmed as chairman in office. His deputies are coburg’s CSU district chairman rene boldt, member of the state parliament martin mittag (coburg-land), the district chairman of the young union, jonas geissler (kronach) and the district chairman of the senior citizens’ union hof-land edit wurzbacher. Dagmar wachter was re-elected as treasurer. The fund will be audited in the future by roland eibl and petra ohring.

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