Cyclists in road traffic: everyone knows these 6 types of cyclists

It’s not always easy for cyclists in rush-hour traffic. And in addition to the annoyance of cyclists with wildly parked cars, construction sites and pedestrians crossing the route with their smartphones and/or headphones, cyclists in road traffic in germany have to deal with yet another factor: other cyclists. Many people do not seem to take into account one of the ADFC’s golden rules: "be considerate". A typology of cycling nervousness in rush hour traffic:

the correct one: it shows the turn three side streets ahead of time. Rings ahead of overtaking managers by miles. And admonishes cyclists at the traffic lights who have just made a mistake, have a defective jerk light and a squeaky chain. This guy often wears helmets and neon rain gear in bad weather. His pack is safely stowed in multifunctional bags. He may sometimes look like an overachiever who has just got his biker’s license. But he heeds the ADFC rules for traffic safety and for example looks around before changing lanes.

The children’s convoy: so far, very few bicycle paths have multiple lanes. The bicycle trailers that some parents use to transport their children prove to be impractical for all other cyclists. Because of the weight, the speed of the bike is usually not the highest, but overtaking is hardly possible on the already narrow cycle paths in many places. ADFC rule of thumb: "as a rule, even a trailer will fit through a narrow passage if you don’t bump into it with your elbows wide apart."

The kamikaze cyclist: red lights, crosswalks, signs – and other road users – are more of a challenge than an obstacle for the bike-rowdy cyclist. Sharp cutting in front of narrowing bike lanes, overtaking in third, fourth row and abrupt braking are part of the standard repertoire. As a ghost rider, he also likes to be found on the wrong side of the road from time to time. He may also have read the ADFC’s golden rules for traffic safety, under the heading "ride confidently (after auben)" but obviously overlooked the second part "inwardly but defensively overlooked.

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the controlled kamikaze cyclist: he considers himself the civilized form of the kamikaze cyclist – commonly known as a racing cyclist – wears a helmet and rides on the right side of the road. Because he prefers to use the road because of his high speed, he rarely gets in the way of other cyclists in rush hour traffic. With padded cycling shorts and skin-tight jersey he looks like a pro at the tour de france – visually not always an eye-catcher.

The short: here the routine is missing, at least it looks like it. He sways and wobbles on his bike. Only the time of day and the business dress suggest that the serpentine lines have nothing to do with yesterday’s beer. Overtaking is risky. The dilettante on a bicycle usually only rides to work in good weather, especially in spring and summer.

The short-bodied one: on the road with a mountain bike, he appears to be sportily motivated and well prepared for a quick sprint to the office – but the impression changes. On the first descent the following cyclists are slowed down. At the smallest ascent already goes the puffing pedaling out of the saddle. Often, the bikes are not fully roadworthy – a clear case for the correct bike owner.

The ADFC spokeswoman recommends for safety and a good climate on the roads to be considerate and to behave in a rule-conforming, predictable manner – i.E. Above all: do not ride against the prescribed direction of travel or on the sidewalk. "And a smile on the lips always helps!"

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