Throwing tree trunks instead of cell phone gambling

Benjamin konzog (18) and johanna schubel (17) pull together to make a massive tree trunk small. They are busy building a shelter for the camp of the christian scouts. Both come from hof and have already been to the camp several times and know what to do. "The community that you experience here is mega-cool", says johanna schubel.

Every day, the camp that the scouts are building on the town's meadow next to the stadtsteinach campground grows a little. At the very beginning, the total of twelve tribes (including almost 300 children and young people) that came to stadtsteinach built their sleeping and catering accommodations. Also important are the cooking facilities.

Bringing god closer to the children

"In the camp of the royal rangers are children between nine and 18 years old. We are holding our camp here until friday", explains camp leader gideon rauschert. All the young people who are part of the royal rangers belong to the christian scouts and want to experience the idea of the free church at first hand during the camp. "We want to bring the children closer to god", explains rauschert.

The free church association has clear rules: no cell phones, living in harmony with nature, respect for nature. And there's another rule among the scouts: the big one protects the little one. There's a special sign for that: you put your thumb over your index finger and everyone knows about it.

"The meadow belongs to the city of stadtsteinach. I have pointed out before the camp that fire is dangerous in the dryness. But everything is in order", comments mayor roland wolfrum on the event. He saw with his own eyes that the scouts have everything under control. When they cook, they build a raised cane bed. And they cook on them. "The glow is only in the clay bed. And there is always plenty of water available. The scouts have a high level of self-responsibility and self-commitment", according to the mayor of stadtsteinach.

Currently there are almost 300 children and teenagers in the camp. The young people have to work all day long. They expand their camp, build towers and viewing platforms. "The youth sleep in the rough yurts", explains gideon rauschert. These are rough tents. The framework is made of tree trunks. They are held only by ropes. They are dressed up with black tarpaulins. "They are very robust", explains rauschert.

There are also small tents. The scouts call them "koten". "Some tribes sleep in dosses, some only in yurts. They all do it differently", so rauschert. During the day the kids are busy with games and olympics. And every now and then there is also worship and preaching on the daily schedule. "I have already experienced miracles, benjamin konzog (18) tells of allergies and tumors that suddenly disappeared. "You can't explain everything scientifically", says the 18-year-old.

The motto of the christian camp is "supernatural" – supernatural". And accordingly, the camp in stadtsteinach also features lots of sports and sporting events, such as olympiads or handicrafts.

The camp lasts until friday. "I don't mind if the christian scouts come back", says mayor roland wolfrum. The guests found their way to stadtsteinach through the campground operator harald gruhl. He used to be a leader of the christian scouts of the jesus live church in kulmbach, Germany.

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