City youth band presents itself in the elementary schools

In the coming school year, the stadtjugendkapelle (SJK) herzogenaurach will once again be offering the opportunity to take part in wind classes. To this end, concerts were held on monday at the elementary schools in herzogenaurach. In addition, the little ones showed what playing together in an orchestra looks like at the open rehearsal of the junior band on wednesday, according to a press report of the city youth band.

At the concerts, the schoolchildren were able to experience how different instruments sound and, above all, how they sound together. The blower classes are offered in cooperation with the schools. Children and parents benefit from the fact that the individual or. Group lessons take place directly in the schools. The project gives the children the opportunity to learn an instrument of the "symphonic wind orchestra" under expert guidance to learn and play in an orchestra yourself. For this, various woodwind instruments such as transverse flute, clarinet, saxophone and brass instruments such as horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium and tuba are presented, from which the children can choose their favorite instrument.

Many positive side effects

No previous experience is necessary. The young musicians are ready for their first joint orchestra rehearsal as early as november. The brass class has a duration of two years. "An instrument also trains memory, coordination, comprehension and concentration. And, of course, the sense of community and social skills are especially challenged in a group of peers, explains stefan wolf, second vice president of the city youth band.

If you want to get to know the town youth band better and try out all the instruments for yourself with coffee, cake and an entertainment program, you are invited to the open day on sunday, 30 sunday. June, between 13.30 and 16 o’clock in the clubhouse at eichelmuhlgasse 24 invited.

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