Friends from the partner community douvres visit us

Friends from the partner community douvres visit us

Arriving in provence, the visitors from douvres-la delivrande were delirious when they got off the train in oerlenbach and the thermometer read almost 38 degrees. One had planned to visit the friends in oerlenbach once at the rakoczy-weekend to see this famous rough event. But first, on friday afternoon, the group went to munnerstadt, where they took part in a guided tour of the town and were shown the sights of the small french town and explained the former importance of munnerstadt.

In the evening the time had come to visit the rakoczy festival in bad kissingen together. Deeply impressed by the historical significance of the bathing city, the french guests celebrated with their hosts until late into the night. On saturday morning, the group left early for an excursion to schweinfurt, where they visited the german bunker museum in ernst-sachs-strabe. After two hours in the high bunker behind thick walls, the longed-for cooling down came in the form of a heavy rain shower during a stroll through the city. Saturday evening was spent in the culture barn in eltingshausen.

Children build insect hotels

children build insect hotels

The attention of those responsible for the riedenberg school garden group is not only focused on planting a garden and growing radishes, carrots and tomatoes. Learning is also about all the little creatures, among them many useful insects. Eleven schoolchildren of the 4. Classes of the riedenberg elementary school meet every monday from 15 to 16 during the vegetation period.30 o'clock. They do it voluntarily and obviously have a lot of fun doing it.

For years, werner vieres was the school garden supervisor who guided the children and drove them to the gardening site. He, too, has always been enthusiastic about his work, but now he wants to stop. But the school garden group will not be abandoned because of it. Joachim hartling, chairman of the riedenberg gardening association, and stefan schmitt, for many years principal of the riedenberg school, join the successor to vieres.
Shortly before things can really get started in the garden – after all, there was an endless frost on the ground – the caretakers and children met to build insect hotels. "I got suggestions from the national association. They also have a special information sheet for children on building insect hotels and their inhabitants. I will pass this on to the children's class teacher for follow-up support. They were prepared by stefan schmitt and me", says joachim hartling.

“Munich is nice, but franconia is nicer”

Bavaria has declared 2013 the year of bavarian castles and palaces. On friday, the bamberger "new residence" was the main attraction in the spotlight. With an "open door day, the finance minister markus soder opened, the free state also wanted to the bamberger "glanzlicht" draw attention. Because, the minister emphasized, bavaria has more culture to offer than just "ludwig II".-locksmith" like neuschwanstein or herrenchiemsee.

"The new bamberg residence is something very special for bavaria. The largest secular monument in bamberg is located in the heart of the old town, which has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993, underlined soder. It is an image of bavarian-french history and a popular tourist attraction. In the last ten years alone, more than 300,000 visitors have taken a look at the historic rooms.

Tradition and species-appropriate husbandry

Because of the pandemic, the breeders of poultry in rezelsdorf have also had a "thirsty period", because there were neither shows nor events with and around the poultry. After the restrictions were loosened, after the break now in the exhibition hall now the central franconian district show, rezelsdorfer flugelschau and jubilaumsschau, could be connected with the 72nd anniversary of the district show. District show of the kreisiii erlangen take place. For the breeders association rezelsdorf 1971 e.V. (RZGV) it was the 50. Local show, which was also declared a "robert lunz memorial show. The association was founded in 1971 in the lunz country inn of the late 84-year-old honorary member and senior citizens’ association host and initiator robert lunz. In its premises the events took place in the founding years and until the construction of the wing hall of the association also the first pigeon and wing markets took place.

Animal welfare in practice

The chairman buried among other things burgermeister karl-heinz hertlein, the circle chairman jochen sperber and honorary chairman klaus neudecker. For mayor karl-heinz hertlein, handling animals is practicing animal welfare and demonstrates respect for nature and shows that animal husbandry and breeding in harmony with species-appropriate husbandry are not opposites. In his greeting, the mayor praised the association’s commitment to the market community and, in particular, its outstanding work with young people .

Contemplative celebration in a mystical place

Contemplative celebration in a mystical place

There are still special, almost magical-mystical places on the jura that are not so well known. One of them is "maria im wald", best reached from poxdorf.

Also or just despite corona celebrated pastor i.R. Markus brendel from hollfeld there the 30. Forest service in front of the forest cross close to the "maria im wald" chapel. It is also called the reuth chapel because it stands in the corridor so named by the local people.

Neudrossenfeld is all the rage until monday

neudrossenfeld is all the rage until monday

Again and again passers-by were allowed to take a sip of beer in exchange for a small obolus. Upstairs at the kull family's house, high-proof drinks are poured and dances are held. Then it's off together to the guardian's house, where the shouts of "wer hod kerwa, mir hom kerwa" are heard resound loudly through the hall and all guests join in the celebration.

Today, saturday, there will be at the schutzen from 16.30 o'clock sau am spieb, at 8 o'clock the theater group brucklein shows there their three-act play "der goldene sarg". This farce will be played again on sunday at 4 p.M., before that the organizers invite to coffee and cake starting at 2 p.M. And on monday, the finale follows with the burial of the kerwa, after which the participants enjoy the sour meat at the poultry farmers in the hall on the weinberg.