Motorcyclist collides with turning car

A motorcyclist was injured in a traffic accident early on friday afternoon on the main road between ermershausen and birkenfeld. A 51-year-old mercedes sprinter driver from the habberge district was traveling on the staatsstrabe in the direction of birkenfeld and wanted to turn left into the ringstrabe in ermershausen. To do this, he put on the blinker and turned off. A following 17-year-old from the habberge district saw the turn too late and crashed his motorcycle while braking. The yamaha slid under the sprinter; the young rider remained injured on the roadway. The young man came to the hospital in habfurt for further clarification of the injuries. The sprinter driver was unhurt. Two witnesses to the accident, who were standing in the ringstrabe, performed exemplary first aid and made the emergency call. 14 firefighters from the ermershausen fire department were deployed to secure the scene of the accident and to clean up the spilled oil. No property damage to the sprinter. The motorcycle was damaged to the tune of 2000 euros; it was no longer roadworthy.

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