Peeping tom in wurzburg swimming pool: who saw the culprit??

Peeping Tom in wurzburg swimming pool: who saw the culprit??

In a swimming pool in the virchowstrabe in wurzburg on friday evening at 18.20 o'clock a so far unknown offender films a woman in a changing room.

According to the police, the 37-year-old visitor was in the changing room when she noticed a pair of black bathing shoes protruding from the adjacent cabin. In the left shoe she saw a red flashing light.

The lady immediately reached for the shoe and took it. In it, under a black man's sock, was a small camera. The culprit obviously noticed that the woman had taken the shoe, because he immediately left his cabin.

The victim walked right behind and saw a man she didn't know frantically ripping open a locker and turning away from her so she couldn't see his face. The woman then went directly to the ticket office to report the incident and notify the police.

The perpetrator was described as about 170 to 175 centimeters tall, rather old, with gray-melted to female hair. From the stature he was described as stocky to fat. At the time of the crime, the man was dressed in strikingly colorful clothing, short pants and light-colored plastic bathing shoes.

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