“Kunststuck” with a critical eye

"What would a composer be without his orchestra? Soundless! What would my work of the last five years be without the many artists, lecturers, musicians, actors and supporters of the art scene?? It would simply not have been possible to raise the art and culture of our county to such a level and to present it in such a way. We have been able to gain attention and recognition as well as admirers far beyond the county, not least thanks to the art prize. Many artists from other counties envy us for this offer." This was emphasized by renate ortloff, the cultural officer and project manager at the opening ceremony for the "kunststuck 2019/2020" in front of many guests at weibenbrunn castle.

The owners of the castle pia praetorius and wolfgang kropp were pleased about the great interest and about the fact that the starting signal for the new season of the "kunststuck" on her castle grounds was given.

The cultural representative of the district of habberge, renate ortloff, said about the motto "water moves art and culture" visual and musical arts were combined in equal parts. Five artists, all winners of the "kunststuck" award exhibited their works for this opening celebration. Renate ortloff was also pleased about the creation of pia praetorius, who arranged a concert so that water and music harmonize with each other.

This year’s art prize is also based on the theme of "water". This central element of life is becoming more and more existentially important, ortloff explained. Pollution and waste weakened the cycle of the ecosystem. Climate change and privatization of the commons added to the problem.

"In order to sensitize us to this problem, even on a small scale, artists were called upon to critically examine the topic in their applications for the art prize and to make the problems and effects visible. We can be curious about the work!"

Fittingly justus willberg played the water organ. Modeled on a third-century structure, it only produces sound when two helpers pump air into a water tank.

Art historian matthias liebel, a member of the 2018 and 2020 juries, explained that the entries for the competition would be on display at oberschwappach castle from the end of february to the end of march. He then presented the works of previous winners: hans doppel from habfurt, winner of the 2018 audience award, with twelve corroded iron sheets, which depict "the growth and decay of all earthly being" on their castle grounds jannina hector (hofheim), special award of the county 2016 for the "papiretten", objects made of paper, wire and wood; peter picciani (audience award 2016) with carved figures that concentrate on the cell phone in such a way "that they seem to forget everything around them". Liebel thought: "it’s grotesque: a medium that was originally intended for dialog and communication, for telephoning, is increasingly becoming an instrument of silence and social isolation. The window gazer of the renaissance has become the mop box gazer with picciani." Furthermore gabi weinkauf from guntersleben ("farewell of a young woman from her childhood") and gerd kanz (fluorescent plexiglass in ten staggered red plates showing a dragonfly). In the concert barn, under the direction of pia praetorius, the concert "water" was performed.Music" to horen with works of italian, german and english composers with the vocal ensemble "schola cantorum nurnberg, performed with renowned instrumentalists for flute, viola da gamba, harp and lute.

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