Procession and parish festival

The church administration st. Bartholomew informs that the feast of corpus christi will take place on sunday, 3. June, will be celebrated. The associations will meet at 8 am for the church parade in the market street. At 8.30 o'clock the festive service begins. Afterwards, around 9.15 o'clock, the eucharistic procession through the parish takes place. The four altars are located this time at the families spitzl and zahl, at the savings bank and on the church forecourt at the martinsheim.
The parish council invites all young parents to participate in the procession with their children. In this way, the beautiful use of flower strewing will be revived. The boys and girls walk with their flower baskets in front of the blessed sacrament.
The music club of marktleugast opens the parish festival around the martinsheim with a concert. After the fruhschoppen, a varied program is prepared starting at 2 p.M. For the seniors there is a coffee wreath, for the children a colorful program with handicraft tables, church tower climb, sports competitions, cotton candy and a small magic show. In addition, there is the possibility to participate in a church tour. The entrance is free. 

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