Bad bruckenau: the treasure still slumbers

Bad bruckenau: the treasure still slumbers

In july, the mayor celebrated the concrete prospect of being able to have a treatment with the healing waters of the georgi spa billed as a health insurance service. It is a milestone for the city – and the first officially recognized outpatient drinking cure in bavaria. But a conclusive marketing concept is not yet available, even though the new service will be listed in the health insurers’ catalog of benefits as of january.

"We have created the framework conditions and done the groundwork", says leo romeis, head of the department for infrastructure, tourism and finance at the city administration. Karin bauer, head of the tourist information office, had wanted to wait for the outcome of the negotiations with the health insurance companies before taking any action. She is still in office until the end of the year. "Of course we have thought about it in advance", it emphasizes.

Persuaded women to undergo life-threatening electric shocks

Persuaded women to undergo life-threatening electric shocks

The girls and young women were subjected to up to 230 volts through their bodies. They cut off electric cables and held them to their fists, stuck electrodes to their sleep, stuck nails into sockets or touched electric fences.

A sensational trial has begun at the regional court of munich II. A 30-year-old man from the wurzburg area is charged with attempted murder of 88 women and girls. He allegedly posed as a doctor and claimed to be conducting scientific studies on pain therapy. By means of the video chat program skype he made his victims – according to the indictment – to inflict life-threatening electric shocks on themselves.

Cyclists in road traffic: everyone knows these 6 types of cyclists

It’s not always easy for cyclists in rush-hour traffic. And in addition to the annoyance of cyclists with wildly parked cars, construction sites and pedestrians crossing the route with their smartphones and/or headphones, cyclists in road traffic in germany have to deal with yet another factor: other cyclists. Many people do not seem to take into account one of the ADFC’s golden rules: "be considerate". A typology of cycling nervousness in rush hour traffic:

the correct one: it shows the turn three side streets ahead of time. Rings ahead of overtaking managers by miles. And admonishes cyclists at the traffic lights who have just made a mistake, have a defective jerk light and a squeaky chain. This guy often wears helmets and neon rain gear in bad weather. His pack is safely stowed in multifunctional bags. He may sometimes look like an overachiever who has just got his biker’s license. But he heeds the ADFC rules for traffic safety and for example looks around before changing lanes.

Motorcyclist collides with turning car

A motorcyclist was injured in a traffic accident early on friday afternoon on the main road between ermershausen and birkenfeld. A 51-year-old mercedes sprinter driver from the habberge district was traveling on the staatsstrabe in the direction of birkenfeld and wanted to turn left into the ringstrabe in ermershausen. To do this, he put on the blinker and turned off. A following 17-year-old from the habberge district saw the turn too late and crashed his motorcycle while braking. The yamaha slid under the sprinter; the young rider remained injured on the roadway. The young man came to the hospital in habfurt for further clarification of the injuries. The sprinter driver was unhurt. Two witnesses to the accident, who were standing in the ringstrabe, performed exemplary first aid and made the emergency call. 14 firefighters from the ermershausen fire department were deployed to secure the scene of the accident and to clean up the spilled oil. No property damage to the sprinter. The motorcycle was damaged to the tune of 2000 euros; it was no longer roadworthy.

Throwing tree trunks instead of cell phone gambling

Benjamin konzog (18) and johanna schubel (17) pull together to make a massive tree trunk small. They are busy building a shelter for the camp of the christian scouts. Both come from hof and have already been to the camp several times and know what to do. "The community that you experience here is mega-cool", says johanna schubel.

Every day, the camp that the scouts are building on the town's meadow next to the stadtsteinach campground grows a little. At the very beginning, the total of twelve tribes (including almost 300 children and young people) that came to stadtsteinach built their sleeping and catering accommodations. Also important are the cooking facilities.

Ex-policeman in court: colleagues describe him as reliable

Was he a calm, experienced and reliable colleague or did he often fly off the handle, was he unbalanced and irritable?? On the fifth day of the trial, a contradictory picture of the defendant's character emerged for the judges of the first gross criminal division.
On the witness stand, the former supervisor and colleague of the 55-year-old police officer testified. The man from the district of kronach has been standing trial in coburg district court since mid december on charges of rape, sexual assault and bodily injury.
"There were no difficulties at all, he was a great colleague", said one of the witnesses "he was someone you could rely on and was not too shy for anything." He talked about a "trusting cooperation". Another officer made the same comment: "I went on patrol with him and had only positive experiences during that time. The 55-year-old has never raised his voice on the job, either. A third police officer speaks of a "super relationship". "If one turned to him (…), he was always ready to help you out, no matter when and what it was", he said. The defendant, as a former investigator, had much more experience than he and his colleagues from the patrol. He described the accused as calm and level-headed. A colleague also declared that she had gotten along well with the 55-year-old. "I cannot say anything negative."

This testimony was sought for clarification by prosecutor jana huber and the two representatives of the joint plaintiff, kristina freifrau von imhoff and wolfram schadler, who represent the third wife and another woman involved in the case. Schadler even suspected the former colleague of collusion, because she had spoken intensively with one of the witnesses from the police station.
Another witness, who also spoke only of positive experiences with the defendant, was held up by the presiding judge michael imhof to his original statements to the police. "There they described that he was very quick-tempered. I am surprised that you see things differently today." He explained the discrepancy to his earlier statements with a "certain (investigative) pressure" of the colleagues who investigated the 55-year-old in the case. Moreover, it had happened only once that the defendant had reacted in a hot-tempered manner on duty, he emphasized several times. "That was a slip." In his police statement, he only wants to refer to this one case. He got a reprimand from the prosecutor, who questioned his statement: "don't pressure me during the interrogation. You are a trained police officer", she said, "you have to be able to handle an interrogation situation like that."

Shocking calls and e-mails

Shocking calls and e-mails

Even after the arrest of two suspects in marktheidenfeld on tuesday afternoon – they are now in custody – the so-called "shock calls" continue in the wurzburg and schweinfurt area away. Thus, on wednesday, two new traps were reported, in which fraudsters were successful and stormed with over ten thousand euros. The wurzburg police are investigating and are again issuing a warning against this phenomenon – especially since the scam has now been extended to e-mails.
The scam is comparable to the grandchild trick and has become more common in the recent past. In almost all reported cases, the caller spoke russian. The victims are so far almost exclusively people with russian or eastern european migrant backgrounds.
This was also the case on wednesday, when an 87-year-old woman received a call from a woman pretending to be her daughter-in-law. She excitedly described how she had seriously injured a girl when she fell down the stairs. In the course of the conversation, an alleged lawyer also intervened and demanded 30 000 euros. This shock apparently had an effect on the victim, because shortly afterwards she handed over 10,000 euros to an unknown person. A little later it turned out that the story was fictitious and the money is now gone.
With a similar story, the fraudsters were previously successful with an 82-year-old man from the same city district. This one lost 2000 euro.
In both cases, the unknown person collecting the money is described as follows: 18 to 24 years old, slim and about 1.75 to 1.80 meters tall. He had two to three centimeters of short hair and wore no glasses or beard. He was dressed in a dark gray or black long-sleeved shirt and dark pants, possibly blue jeans and spoke russian.

Always be suspicious

Procession and parish festival

The church administration st. Bartholomew informs that the feast of corpus christi will take place on sunday, 3. June, will be celebrated. The associations will meet at 8 am for the church parade in the market street. At 8.30 o'clock the festive service begins. Afterwards, around 9.15 o'clock, the eucharistic procession through the parish takes place. The four altars are located this time at the families spitzl and zahl, at the savings bank and on the church forecourt at the martinsheim.
The parish council invites all young parents to participate in the procession with their children. In this way, the beautiful use of flower strewing will be revived. The boys and girls walk with their flower baskets in front of the blessed sacrament.
The music club of marktleugast opens the parish festival around the martinsheim with a concert. After the fruhschoppen, a varied program is prepared starting at 2 p.M. For the seniors there is a coffee wreath, for the children a colorful program with handicraft tables, church tower climb, sports competitions, cotton candy and a small magic show. In addition, there is the possibility to participate in a church tour. The entrance is free.