Obernbreit: bernhard bruckner appointed old burgermeister

Obernbreit: bernhard bruckner appointed old burgermeister

Mayor a.D. Bernhard bruckner is now officially the old mayor of obernbreit. In a small ceremony on wednesday evening, the new mayor susanne knof presented her predecessor with the award for his services to the market. At the same time, the "town hall fairy" was also appointed and long-serving councillor helga scherer retired and the work of the symbolic figure hucklatz was honored.

In june of this year, the obernbreit community council unanimously passed the resolution to award the title of oldburg master to bruckner, knof said in her laudatory speech. "The services you have rendered to our community are manifold", she said bruckner, who has been active as a local politician since 1984.

18 years as a local councillor and from 2002 as first mayor, also 18 years in office, have left the signature of the honored and shaped the place, says knof. There is the renovation of the town hall, the fubwegekozept through the village, the design of the proschelswiese, road renovations, the renovation of the former synagogue as a place of remembrance and commemoration, the preparation of the kindergarten renovation and much more. He left the community almost debt-free.

"In love with obernbreit

"Building bridges – not only over the breitbach and the other brooks in obernbreits, but also in the population – that has always been my concern", said bruckner. Which then recalled a headline in this newspaper to a portrait about him: "in love with obernbreit" there is nothing more to be added", he said. However, all this would not have been possible without many helpers, be it from the local council, from the population or from the family.

"You were always there when you were needed", said knof about helga scherer, who as "town hall fairy" has been retired. Knof then described a long list of activities that scherer had to perform around the town hall so that "everything fits, that guests and visitors feel comfortable and that everyone is well looked after".

And helga scherer was also the "mother of hucklkatz with gertrud reib, uschi deml, substitute marianne rumpel and sophie hempel. "Our symbolic figures are truly unique and unparalleled", according to the mayoress, which is also due to the clearly different appearance from other symbolic figures. No disguise, but the hucklkatz also live was the motto. The certificate of thanks for the ladies from obernbreit, who are no longer quite young, was almost a farewell for the symbolic figures in view of the lack of events. A monument was even erected to them in front of the town hall to mark the end of the village renewal program.

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