Axel milberg in corona crisis: eat asparagus and strike out

Axel milberg in corona crisis: eat asparagus and strike out

For actor axel milberg, the most stressful thing about the corona crisis is the uncertainty about the direction society will take afterwards.

"How many unemployed people are we going to have and how much poverty? Threats of radicalization, how will the next elections turn out?" Said milberg, who on sunday (20.15 p.M.) will be seen in the first again as "tatort" commissioner klaus borowski, told the german press agency.

Tendencies toward de-democratization can be seen in many countries. He was also concerned about developments in the u.S., where millions of people had no health insurance but were allowed to own guns. "We must not only look closely at the neighborhood," milberg said.

"Privately, we’re fine, everyone’s healthy and we’ll get by for now," said the actor, who was born in kiel and lives in munich. Surprisingly, he hasn’t spent even five minutes in the corona crisis: "I’ve hung curtains, repainted, cleaned the basement, sat in the sun in the garden, and eaten asparagus."And his podcast "milberg’s literary balcony" for the "suddeutsche zeitung" had been time-consuming.

"Other than that, i’ve also been enjoying family a lot, worrying a bit about school with my son – he’s had online classes every day."He consciously limits his consumption of news, milberg said. "No news without corona, that’s unbearable."

When asked if he could take anything positive from the corona crisis, milberg replied: "I have noticed that we have a lot of solidarity and respect in our society – and this should remain a strong voice."

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